Before we choose the mattress we also know that our body weight is also an important factor that we need to keep in our mind.

If you are heavy or fat, and you are searching for the best air mattress for heavy person then let’s face it air mattresses are rarely comfortable when you are big or heavy.

Finding the best air mattress for heavy person is like finding a pin or needle in a forest.

If you are a heavy person who weighs more than the average person then you need to choose that type of mattress that provides you with extra cushioning, 

And gives you support around the hips as well as the abdominal area, you must choose a heavy-duty air mattress with a thicker width.

Why thicker bed in a thicker bed you can get in and out easily without any hustle and the firmness of the mattress keeps your body alleviated and in proportion.

Right air mattress make will make all the difference in your quality of sleep no matter which body shape you have.

Choosing a comfortable, sturdy mattress can handle heavy people and will help you to sleep better and comfortably.

Top 7 Best Mattress For Heavy person

1. The Englander With 800 Pound Weight Capacity (best air mattress for heavy weight)

The Englander With 800 Pound Weight Capacity

  • Can carry weight around 800 pounds.
  • Extra heavy duty thick air mattress
  • Have internal improved steel coils for body support
  • Provides minimal motion transfer 
  • Maintains your body temperature neutral

When it comes to an englander mattress all needs and features are already checked.

This mattress is best for you when it comes to finding heavy duty mattress which is best for heavy and fat people.

This is the strongest air bed in market.

The unique selling point of the mattress that got this mattress number 2 in this list is its internal improved steel coils & premium flocked microfiber cell outer.

Together they provide minimal motion transfer, extra airflow, resistance against punctures, high breathability and tensile strength.

The amazing thing about the mattress is its microfiber memory foam topper can maintain body temperature neutral and steady all the time weather you sleep hot or not this mattress will maintains your body temperature.

In terms of inflating the mattress, the pump is excellent and can fully inflate the mattress is less than 3 minutes.

Most important benefit of the mattress is it can handels 800 ponds so its comfortable for heavior couples also, so if you are looking for heavy duty air mattress for heavy couples its the best air mattress overall.


  • Extra durable constructions with carrying weight around 800lbs
  • Heavy duty and super comfortable 
  • Body support mattress with cool temperature 
  • Inflate and deflates quickly 
  • 5 years of limited warranty


  • PVC smell out of the package
  • Seam is not perfect

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2. King Koil California King Luxury Raised Air Mattress (Best Air Mattress For Heavy Person)

King Koil California King Luxury Raised Air Mattress

  • Keeps your spine alignment in proper form
  • Have around 600 pounds weight capacity
  • 20 inch of height makes the person easy to in and out of the bed 
  • Individual coils that supports your whole body
  • Gives you more comfort with built in pillow structure

With 20 inches of height with durable exterior and have around 600 pounds weight capacity with more than 15000 good reviews about King koil air mattress.

You don’t have any reason to not choose this mattress because this mattress have all the features which is best air mattress for heavy person.

The mattress contains individual coils that will maintains the shape of the mattress and firmness while you sleep.

The king koil air mattress contains automatic internal pump that will inflate the mattress in just 2 minutes.

Air mattresses normally not have built-in pillow but this mattress have built-in pillow so you can carry one less thing if you want to go for a camp or something.

But why i put this mattress on number 1 and why this is the best air mattress overall ?

Firstly the largest size offered by king koil is queen size and in this size two heavy person can also sleep, you can sleep comfortably with your partner.

And durable pvc of the mattress makes it waterproof and extremely durable. 


  • PVC material used in this mattress makes it environment friendly and waterproof.
  • Package contain patch kit for repairing any accidental punctures and tears 
  • Built in electric automatic pump
  • Highly durable 
  • Gives you more comfort than any other air mattress


  • 600 pounds is not enough for some heavy couples 
  • Beds price can break your bank

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3. Intex Ultra Plush (best air mattress for heavy person)

Intex Ultra Plush

  • with headboard attached
  • Heavy duty queen sized bed
  • 18 inches of height & carries around 600 pounds of weight 
  • More than 45000 five star reviews

Intex mattress is also know for its quality and design the one more unique selling point of the mattress is it has a headboard attached to it, isn’t that great?

Intex heavy duty queen size mattress have their unique patented technology.

The fabric of the mattress is super strong and stays in decent firmness with no sagging after all.

The mattress have 18 inches of height so you can easily get in and out of the bed easily no matter how much heavy you are.

The mattress can carry 600 pounds but its not enough for some heavy couples who are too heavy.

One of the best thing about this air bed is it has over 45000 five star reviews that means this is the best pick overall.

The headboard of the mattress can give you more comfort when you wish to sit for a book before going to sleep.

But the Mattress takes time to inflate and deflate to set all the parts together this one is downside of this mattress.


  • 600lbs of weight limit
  • Durable & comfortable mattress
  • Additional headboard included
  • 18 inches of height with big thickness


  • Slow inflation & deflation

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4. Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump (best air mattress for fat guys)

Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

  • Comes with pillow and top cover
  • Dual pump technology
  • Gives comfort while we sleep

Serta air mattress are handy and customized mattress that will give you comfortable good quality sleep.

If you want dual pump technology for inflation and deflation of the mattress with low price then this is the best air mattress for you.

The mattress can support around 500 pounds weight.

Again 500 pounds is not suitable for some people so you need to choose mattress according to your preference.

And the important thing is finding a dual pump technology mattress which has high capacity than 500 pounds , but 500 pounds seems max in the market atleast for now.

The PVC mattress offers coziness and authentic feel of a regular mattress.

The mattress comes with pillow with top cover which is removable.

Like all other picks it’s thicker and has height of 18 inches and uses air coil design and supports your body.


  • Dual Pump feature with low pricing
  • Affordable mattress with cheap price 
  • Top cover of pillow is removable and washable 
  • Primary pump inflate & deflate mattress quickly while secondary pump maintains air pressure


  • Carrying weight is low for heavy couples 
  • Depression of the mattress can too deep

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5. Sable Heavy Duty Air Mattress (best air mattress for overweight couple)

Sable Heavy Duty Air Mattress

  • Built in electric pump
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Lightweight mattress 
  • Good weight capacity around 600 pounds

If you are couple or you do not sleep alone then this is the best air mattress for you because the mattress can carry upto 600 pounds.

The sable air mattress have stylish and functional structure.

If you are finding a good air mattress with an electric pump to avoid hard work then this ideal heavy duty mattress is best for you.

The mattress have grey surface so it needs less time to clean and maintains its look for longer period of time.

Because of the mattress have electric built-in pump that can easily inflate and deflate mattress in 5 minutes.

This mattress also have built-in pillow so it can support your head and neck.

And the bed have 18 inches of height so that an heaviour person can easily go in and out of the bed quickly and easily without any hassle.

This mattress is made from PVC and environment friendly so the mattress have high durability.

The mattress can adjust according to heavy peoples body shape and gives you more comfort and supports your body and spine.


  • Best for heavy people
  • Built in electric pump
  • Affordable price with PVC environment friendly materials
  • Able to adjust firmness level.
  • Have raised cushioning pillow that supports your head and neck


  • Not suitable to use with extra sheets

6. Coleman SupportRest Air Mattress (Best Air Mattress For Heavy Person)

Coleman SupportRest Air Mattress

  • Weight capacity of this air bed is upto 600 pounds
  • AirTight and Double Lock valve to prevent air leakage
  • Light weight and extra cushioning

Coleman have big name in best quality outdoor accessories, the coleman mattress have weight carrying capacity of 600 pounds and this is the best for heavy people.

The mattress is thick and steady with having high durability.

this mattress have extra cushioning so an heavy person can in or out of the bed easily so there is no hustle at all.

It feels so soft and comfortable and you feels like you are sleeping on foam mattress.

The bed is very useful and this can be used in indoor as well as outdoor.

And some of the best features this air bed have is its AirTight system which will ensures that there is no leakage in whatever the condition is.

This mattress is easy to pack, roll and store.

A durable air mattress which can hold heavy persons weight easily and gives them more comfort and support for hips and back.

For inflating and deflating of the mattress you can use colemans electric quick pump, this will inflate and deflate mattress in no time


  • Lightweight and thick mattress 
  • Best for heavy people
  • Electric quick pump for inflation and deflation
  • Extra cushioning
  • double lock valve to ensure that no leakage


  • Not for some heavy couple check weight carrying capacity before buying.
  • Pump sold separately

7. Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe (Best Air Mattress For Heavy Weight Person)

Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe

  • Budget Friendly & Affordable

The intex dura-beam deluxe mattress is budget friendly and affordable for everyone.

This airbed doesn’t have heavy duty weight capacity like others but a decent 600lbs so it is also the best airbed for people who have heavy weight.

It has 18 inch of height and thickness so that it is very comfortable and easy for heavy people to get in and out of the bed with no hustle.

It have the electric pump but still it takes 4 to 5 minute to fully inflate the mattress.

In this our list of 7 this air bed is last one so it have low features but it doesn’t means this is the bad mattress.

It helps to keep comfortable and support fat friendly peoples with affordable pricing.

It is thick but not thick as our top picks so always choose right one and know that which one is best for you.

Still this mattress have more than 45000 five star reviews and if you don’t need more than 600lbs weight capacity then this is one is for you.

How to choose Best Air Mattress For Heavy Person ? 

best air mattress for heavy person

Whether you want an air mattress for camping, traveling or crashing on friends floor or just backup for your guest but if you are heavy then how to choose the right one?

This an important question if you are big and you want to get in and out of the air bed easily then choosing an air mattress is finding needle in forest.

We all know air mattress gives experience like we are sleeping on air and that other mattress can’t give that.

And if you want for camping or traveling then nothing is best than air mattress because these mattresses are easy to carry and easy to transfort.

Lets get to the point there are several things to consider if you want air mattress and your weight is heavy.

1. Weight capacity of the air mattress

First upon you need to ask yourself that do you slept alone or do you have partner?, he/she is also large?

You need to consider it first before you go to weight capacity of the mattress you need to choose according to your needs.

Fat people need that air mattress that can support them.

In air mattress many king and queen size mattress can hold 600 pounds, but many people choose small size than this and that can hold 300 pounds, and that is stupidity.

Some people might think that 600 pounds is a lot but they don’t consider if they have any partner and the partner is also big then 600 pounds for heavy couple is also not enough.

You need to choose according to your needs and weight of your body.

Remember one thing the more high weight capacity of the mattress is more durable.

2. height of the air mattress

Being big and heavy can make it difficult to get in or out of the bed, and this difficulty can grow with time.

your body and knee wasn’t the same when they are in your 20’s, and this problem is gonna increase with time so,

You need to get a mattress which have more height so that you can get in or out of the air bed easily without any hustle.

Height of the mattress also helps when you lay on the mattress you don’t touch the floor.

Many of thinner air mattress can technically supports your weight but when you sleep on air mattress then you end up with hip or shoulder touching the floor

3. Size of the air mattress

If you have lots of options in air mattress then it can best for you because you can choose the air bed’s size according to your needs.

So you can choose inches according to your body weight, body shape, room size and your budget.

Twin sizes are suitable for one user or any guest sleeping over, but if you are too heavy or you are couples then I always recommend choosing a king size bed.

4. Built- in Pump

Let me guess you don’t want to get workout by pumping a king sized bed when you are tired and you just want to sleep and relax.

If your budget is low then you might be able to save some money by pumping yourself but in my opinion, it doesn’t worth it.

May be you can pump small size air mattress which have 3 inch height but this is not the case.

As a heavy person we need to get thick mattress around more than 18 inches and pumping 18 inch thick mattress by your own every day it’s crazy.

And every single mattress i recommended above have electric pump so you must need to choose one of them.

5. Material of the mattress

Most of the high quality mattress are made from suede top. Which is not sweaty so you get  excellent temperature control.

And suede mattress topper can hold the sheets of the mattress with no sagging at all.

Other types of material like vinyl, PVC used in all mattress for reducing the price of the air mattress.

But cheap vinyl or PVC are harmful for our health so you need to make sure they are in proper limit and they all goes through ASTM F2755 standard.

All the air mattress i recommended above all are in proper limit.

6. Some other amazing features

We all know that in todays world your technology is growing exponentially so in some air mattress have amazing and cool feature but also they are costly you need to choose according to your budget.

You can consider a dual pump setup for better performance in the night when we sleep one pump is for inflating and deflating of the mattress and another one is maintaining the air flow in the mattress when we sleep.

You can also choose the air mattress who have internal coils that can provide you next level comfortable sleep.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do air mattresses have a weight limit?

Yes, air mattresses have a weight limit, and it’s different for different mattress. You need to check the weight limit before purchasing any mattress.

2. How can I make my air mattress more comfortable?

You can make your air mattress more comfortable by using a bed topper or bed sheets.

3. Can I use an air mattress every night?

Yes, you can use an air mattress every night. Air mattresses are designed for daily use.

4. How long do air mattresses last?

The average lifespan of an air mattress is 3-5 years with proper care and maintenance.

5. Can an obese person sleep on an air mattress?

Yes, an obese person can sleep on an air mattress. But you need to choose a mattress with a higher weight limit to support your body weight.

6. Can an air mattress hold 400 lbs?

There are few air mattresses that can hold 400 lbs. But you need to check the weight limit of the mattress before purchasing it.

7. Can I use an air mattress for camping?

Yes, you can use an air mattress for camping. There are many air mattresses that are specifically designed for camping.

8. How much weight can a Coleman air mattress hold?

The Coleman air mattress can hold up to 600 lbs.

9. Can I use an air mattress on a regular bed frame?

Yes, you can use an air mattress on a regular bed frame. You just need to make sure that the bed frame is strong enough to support the weight of the mattress and your body.

10.Can an air mattress hold 2 people?

Yes, an air mattress can hold 2 people. But you need to check the weight limit of the mattress before purchasing it.

11.What happens if you put too much weight on an air mattress?

when you put too much weight on an air mattress it may burst or leak. So you need to check the weight limit of the mattress before purchasing it.

12.Can I use an air mattress while pregnant?

Yes, you can use an air mattress while pregnant. But you need to consult your doctor before using it.