This happened to all of us that we wake up in the night because we are sick and we didn’t have time to make it outside of the bed.

Whether this happened because if you have a stomach virus, food poisoning, and any condition that made you vomit or just have kids.

These types of accidents can happen to all of our accidents like this may you wondering how to clean puke off a mattress.

Your mattresses are huge investments of yours where you will be spending most of the time resting.

Unfortunately, you can’t throw a mattress into a washing machine as sheets and blankets can.

So next thing on your mind may be how to clean vomit from the mattress.

Don’t worry there are some ways to remove the stains and smell of vomit, in this process speed is the most important factor.

There are lots of harmful cleaning products on the market many of them contain harsh chemicals just look on google how to get rid of vomit smell & stain.

And forget about expensive steam cleaner which can damage your mattress.

You can get rid of the vomit smell and stain on the mattress by just using items from your kitchen.

how to clean puke off a mattress

how to clean puke off a mattress

There are lots of ways to get rid of the vomit smell and we are here to show you how to clean vomit soaked into a mattress.

I already said before that speed is an important factor in this process so you need to deal with vomit as soon as possible.

You need to scrap the vomit out of the bed because the first step of cleaning the mattress is removing vomit from the surface of the bedfast.

Use the paper plate to scrap the solid part of vomit and place it in a plastic bag and trash it in the dustpan.

And if possible you can use rubber gloves while doing this step.

Washing the bed itself is the easy part when you removed stains like puke.

Before moving on to cleaning the mattress, remove the sheets from your bed and wash them into a washing machine on the highest temperature setting, you can also wash down the comforter

Once you put bedding in the washer you need to start the process of soaking up the remaining vomit liquid from the mattress.

Make sure you do not rub around the stains or you will spread the stains. 

Now next we will tell you how to get rid of the vomit smell.

how to get rid of vomit smell

how to clean puke off a mattress

We will tell you the simplest ways to get rid of the vomit smell from your bed. 

Do you ask yourself why the vomit has a powerful odor? the answer is vomit is acidic. So you need to sprinkle the baking soda over the area.

Baking soda lowers the pH value and this will absorb the remaining liquid of vomit and neutralize the odor-causing acids.

Many of the products you used for this can also help to get urine off the bed also.

And after sprinkling baking soda over the area you need to let the baking soda sit on the area for at least 8 hours.

If it is late at night and you want to sleep on the bed then you can lay a clean towel over the baking soda on the mattress so you can place sheets over it.

After 8 hours use the vacuum cleaner to residue

How to Get Vomit Stains Out of Mattress

how to clean vomit from a mattress

Vomit contains various acids and enzymes that need to be broken down to get puke off a mattress, vinegar is very helpful for removing blood, vomit, and urine.

And we will tell you how to make a vinegar stain remover cleaner 

Combine one cup (250ml) of warm water and one cup (250ml) of white vinegar and then put it in a spray bottle and shake well until all mix properly.

For extra cleaning power mix 1 teaspoon (5ml) of liquid dish soap

After preparing for vinegar mixture you need to spray on the stained area of the mattress but don’t oversaturate the mattress with this solution just spray until it is just damp.

After that blot, the mattress with a clean towel to lift the stain, choose the absorbent towels for more best results.

Depending upon the stain one application of the vinegar cleaner solution is not enough to remove the stain.

Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

After removing the stain you need to let the mattress dry overnight because it is important to dry the mattress until 6-8 hours.

You can fasten the drying process by turning on the fan or you can open the window near the bed.

After you clean the mattress there can be germs left behind on the mattress so when the mattress is dry then spray the affected area lightly with alcohol to kill the germs.

After applying the alcohol you need to let the mattress dry and wait for 6 hours to dry completely.

how to clean puke out of memory foam

The memory foam mattress is a very popular mattress and it is known for supporting the body and ability to cushion.

so, in this session, we will talk about how to clean puke out of a memory foam mattress and freshen up a memory foam mattress.

This process will similar to cleaning vomit out of the mattress but you have memory foam then there are some things you need to consider in this cleaning process.

If you want to freshen up a memory foam mattress then you need first remove dirt, hair, or lint on the mattress by using a vacuum with an upholstery attachment.

Then prepare a solution of half cup of (250ml) warm water and a half cup of (250ml) white vinegar or fabric cleaner, and combine them into a spray bottle.

Then again the steps are the same, spray the bottle on the stain and use a dishrag to gently scrub the stain and after that let the mattress dry.

And again clean the remaining liquid by spreading baking soda and that will absorb the remaining liquid and remove the stains after that vacuum up the baking soda and again wait until the mattress gets fried properly.

how to get vomit out of bed sheets

how to clean vomit from a mattress

We already said before whether it’s mattress or sheets you need to do this process fast.

Immediately scrap off the excess vomit then and slowly wash the affected area of the sheets with cold water.

After that, you need to wash the sheets in the hottest water so throw the sheets into the washing machine and wash the sheets with hot water and use a comforter for best results.

After that air dries the sheets and makes sure the stains are gone and if the stain remains then again repeat the steps above.

how to clean vomit from pillow

Again this process of cleaning the pillow is similar to cleaning the mattress from vomit, so you need to follow that steps.

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