The right mattress takes time to find, and mattresses are the best investments for good quality sleep.

An average mattress lasts around 10-15 years, but in some cases, you want to upgrade your mattress and you don’t want to through away an older one.

Then it’s a smart decision because the right mattress is expensive and it makes sense to store the mattress.

But if you don’t know how to store a mattress then if you store your mattress in the wrong way then your mattress is going to damage.

So you need proper guidance and the right way to store a mattress so you can keep storing that mattress for a longer period of time.

And you are on the right article keep reading because I am going to tell you how to store a mattress in 5 easy steps with the right guidance.

How to store a mattress in 5 steps 

1. Cleaning the mattress 

How to store a mattress

Putting a dirty mattress into storage can result in fungus & mold growth, even if you clean your mattress consistently, your mattress accumulates all dirt, sweat odor over time. 

So cleaning the mattress before storing is the first task to do.

  • Remove mattress & boxspring from the bed frame and strip all pillow, blankets and sheets
  • Apply small amount of upholstery cleaner or baking soda on the the exterior and wait for one hour so that that can absorb odor and remove all stains from you mattress.
  • Vacuum up baking soda using with attachment 
  • Place the mattress outside for several hours until it’s completely dry 

After waiting for a few hours to completely dry the mattress lets go to the next step

2. Cover Your Mattress in Plastic Wrap

How to store a mattress

Covering your mattress in plastic wrap is important because that keeps your mattress clean, because if you are storing a mattress for a longer period of time,

then it’s important to wrap with protective plastic wrap to cover the mattress for a longer period of time.

You can find mattress protective wrap in any outside hardware stores, if you don’t do this step then your mattress won’t be in good shape.

And one more thing avoids thick plastic covers because it can trap moisture and it will lead to bacteria growth.

3. Use a Covered Moving Truck.

How to store a mattress

When you are moving your mattress from one place to another then cover the mattress with sheets and blankets to further shield it from dirt.

One thing must you need to keep on your mind is always use the moving truck for transporting the mattress don’t ever use your car.

It is not only unsafe to tie up a mattress on top of your car but the mattress can permanently bend and it never gonna back to its original shape.

So you just need to avoid the car for transporting the mattress.

And you can rent a moving truck to move your mattress for storage.

4. Keep your mattress flat and remove all items from your mattress

If you have space to store the mattress flat then it’s always recommended to store your mattress flare in many sources I have seen that they are saying place your mattress on the side to save space but it’s totally wrong.

If you do store mattress on the side maybe you can save some space but putting the mattress on the side can damage your mattress for a long period of time.

Pressure from being one side can destroy the internal structure of the mattress and that can cause you discomfort while you sleep on that mattress.

Once you found the place so that you can store the mattress flat then your second most important task is to remove all of the items that are on the mattress.

Never ever store or place any objects on top of the mattress storing heavy objects on the mattress can damage the inner working of the mattress.

5. Get a climate control storage unit 

If you are storing your mattress for a longer period of time then you can use climate control storage.

A climate control storage unit is the best way to store your mattress because they help to protect the mattress through all seasons and uncertain weather.

This storage unit maintains and protects the mattress from extreme heat from the summer season and cold winters.

According to the U.S., Environmental Protection Agency climate control unit is important for maintaining air temperature and humidity levels when you store the mattress.

Climate control storage is important for the long-term storage of the mattress.

Repeat step 1 after doing all 5 steps and after completing all the steps you must repeat step 1 so you can Freshen up your mattress with baking soda and deodorizing spray.

How to store a mattress (depending on its type)

The way you store the mattress is very important because each type of mattress needs different precautions and steps.

Because each of the mattresses has different features and materials so we need to take care of each factor accordingly to the type of the mattress.

In this, we will discuss how to store a mattress whether its memory foam, hybrid, latex, or spring mattress,

How to store a Memory foam mattress: 

How to store a Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattress doesn’t contain coils inside and this mattress can adjust body curves very easily.

Memory foam has a soft exterior because of that it is very important that you need to store your mattress flat and remove all items from the mattress and clear all objects from the mattress.

If you do not store memory foam mattress flat then because of that if you put the mattress on the side then memory foam mattress doesn’t hold weight around the side so it can lead to a permanent hunched shape.

And memory foam mattresses are susceptible to mildew growth so you need to make sure you need to clean this mattress with baking soda properly and wrap the mattress into a plastic bag.

How to store Spring Mattress

How to store Spring Mattress

Unlike the other mattress that has good flexibility, this mattress has less flexibility compared to the other mattress.

This can be very challenging when it comes to storing spring mattresses because if you bend this mattress when you are loading it into the storage unit then it can affect the internal structure and the foundation of the mattress.

Especially spring mattresses wear out quickly compared to the other mattresses so you need to make sure clear all objects or things from the top of the mattress

How to store Hybrid Mattress

How to store Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are heavier mattresses and have rigid layers compared to other mattresses.

The hybrid mattresses also have foam materials, so that means you need to take same all precautions you take for foam mattresses plus other materials that have in hybrid mattresses.

And this mattress can also not be placed on the side because they contain individually wrapped coils so just keep flat when you store the mattress.

How to store Latex mattress

How to store Latex mattress

Latex mattress have all-natural latex and it is very dense and heavy and because of their weight, there are higher chances to bend so place the mattress on a supportive and flare surface.

So you need to make sure to store this mattress on one side or upright position always store the mattress on a flat surface.

Do’s And Dont’s of mattress storage 

Do’s And Dont’s of mattress storage 

How to store a mattress


  • Clean the mattress with baking soda and wait until it gets dry.
  • Always use a covered vehicle while moving the mattress you can use a moving truck.
  • Store the mattress Flat and remove all things from the top of the mattress.
  • Use a climate control unit for maintaining the temperature of the mattress from all seasons.


  • Never use wrap simple plastic instead use a mattress storage cover it will allow the mattress to breathe and prevent moisture from getting trapped inside.
  • Never use the car for transportation it can permanently bend and never gonna back to its original shape.
  • Never store a mattress on the side or upright it can damage its shape and inner structure and don’t place anything on the mattress.