If you have a mattress and you want to protect the mattress from sweat, dust, stains, puke, pee, and bed bucks and you bought the mattress protector but you don’t know how to wash a mattress protector.

Mattress protector does a very important job to protect the mattress from all kinds of external dirt, and the average lifespan of the mattress protector is up to 10 years.

Of Course, the mattress protector needs to be cared for regularly providing the best mattress protection.

So that the mattress protector has to be washed every one to two months, however always wash the mattress protector depending upon your use of the mattress.

Washing your mattress protector often can help you & mattress safe.

And in this article, we are going to discuss why you need a mattress protector and how to wash a mattress protector.

Also, we go over the situation where you need to wash your mattress protector more frequently and regularly. So keep reading.

Why do you need a mattress protector? 

Of Course, a mattress protector is one of the best mattress accessories that you need to protect the mattress from all dirt & bacterias.

a mattress protector is removable bedding that is placed on top of the mattress.

There are lots of mattress protectors that will maintain your body temperature while you sleep, and help you to lower the sweating and overheating of your body.

And if you are suffering from allergies, a mattress protector is very important for you. Protectors can mean the difference between wheezing all night, coughing, and sneezing so you can get a good night’s sleep.

The mattress protector keeps the mattress clean and dirt-free.

If you wear makeup and that too comes out during the time on the mattress or your skin produces oil and all above soak into the mattress and your mattress is gonna smell too bad.

So getting a mattress protector is very important for your mattress because washing a mattress protector is way easy than washing your mattress.

How to wash a mattress protector in Right way

how to wash a mattress protector

Because the mattress protector has a fiber surface and plastic backing, so you can clean the mattress cover in a standard washer/dryer combo.

But don’t use harsh detergents/bleach and don’t set your temperature too high because it can damage your mattress protector.

For the exact temperature threshold for washing, mattress covers vary from product to product but it’s generally safe to wash the mattress in lukewarm water.

So it’s time to know how to wash a mattress protector in the right way.

If you bought a new mattress protector then launder it as soon as you take it out of the package before you put the mattress protector on a mattress that will eliminate odor and soften the material.

Wash it in cold or lukewarm water and use mild non-bleach detergent because the harsh chemicals in the cleanser can damage the plastic membrane or the binding material.

After that hand them outside but never dry clean the mattress protector because it can’t tolerate extreme heat.

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When Should you wash mattress protectors?

how to wash a mattress protector

Remember one thumb rule that you just need to wash mattress protectors once a month for a better experience on the mattress while you sleep.

Lots of people buy mattress protectors and cover them over the mattress and they think why we should take off the mattress protector and they simply forget about that.

After all, why do we cover the mattress with a mattress protector? Because it protects the mattress from all potential dirt and things that can damage your mattress.

So it’s important to remove the mattress protector cover and wash them once a month.

You spend all night and most of the time on a mattress that has mattress protection so you and your partner’s body fluids, sweat, and other liquids go into the mattress cover.

And the longer you don’t wash the mattress cover the more these can all accumulate and that will drop the performance of the mattress, breathability, hygiene, and overall comfort.

How to Keep the Mattress Protector Clean

Now you know the importance of mattress protectors, so you just need to know how to keep mattress protectors clean and well.

Because we need to clean mattress protectors regularly if you want to get a good night’s sleep.

You need to read the instruction of your mattress protector, and according to that, you need to select the washing method, how you can wash the mattress protector for more lifespan.


The way to wash the mattress protector depends on their type, in the above I talked about a general way to wash the mattress protector.

There are lots of types of mattress protectors in the market so you need to wash them carefully, before washing you need to read the instruction on protectors to clean & wash the mattress protector properly.