You already know that a waterproof mattress cover plays an important role to keep the mattress clean & dirt-free.

Waterproof mattress covers or mattress protectors are designed to prevent accidental spills, bedwetting, and other types of liquid that can be absorbed by the mattress.

When accidents happen then we need to quickly clean up messes to prevent stains from setting.

Besides that, we need to wash mattress covers regularly to get rid of the smell & stains.

Most of that waterproof mattress cover has a vinyl backing and cloth top so they are typically safe to clean in the washing machine.

But if you have a normal mattress cover then feel free to check our right way to wash mattress cover or protector.

how to wash & dry waterproof mattress cover 

how to wash waterproof mattress cover

When it comes to the mattress cover, lots of people will not wash as frequently as the rest of the bedding. They wash their sheets, pillowcases regularly but they forget about washing the mattress cover.

Mattress cover or protector is one of the important bedding accessories that need to be washed regularly.

The upper surface of the mattress cover soaks all the liquids for you, and the waterproof mattress cover protects your mattress from all damages.

Therefore washing your mattress cover is so important.

The next question comes to mind: how to wash the mattress cover in the right way? Which temperature should the mattress cover be washed at? 

To completely eradicate the mattress cover you need to wash the mattress cover at a high temperature.

90°c would be perfect and 60°c would be good but less than 60°c  would not be enough for washing the waterproof mattress cover.

But you need to also check the manufacturer’s recommended temperature for washing the mattress cover, before washing the mattress cover.

If the instruction says the maximum temperature for washing mattress cover is 40°c then you are out of luck, you can’t wash the mattress cover in hot water or it will damage your mattress cover permanently 

Unfortunately, the majority of mattress covers should be washed at less than 40°c, and honestly, you need to avoid the hot temperature or it will destroy the mattress cover.

how to wash waterproof mattress cover? : (instructions)

Now it’s time to know how to wash waterproof mattress cover properly with all easy and simple instructions.

As you know we are washing the mattress cover at a high temperature then a simple ordinary washing liquid is enough for at this temperature (and no conditioner needed).

You can wash the mattress cover along with sheets, towels, pillowcases, and other accessories of the mattress as long as they are efficient for high temperatures.

The next question in your mind should be, how long do we need to wash this mattress cover at high temperature? this depends on your washing machine, but at this temperature, a 1-hour cycle should be enough. 

After washing the mattress cover you need to dry it properly 

How to dry waterproof mattress cover after washing?

Mattress cover with waterproof backing will always take longer to dry than a fitted sheet of the same size because it can only be efficiently dry from one side rather than both.

After that, you need to tumble dry a waterproof mattress cover, but you need to do this step carefully.

First, upon you need to set the setting to low to medium heat, this will take longer to dry the mattress cover but it’s worth it.

Because the high heat can deteriorate the waterproof material. If you don’t want to take risks then you can dry the mattress cover outside if you are unsure about the dryer settings.

How often you should wash your waterproof mattress Cover/protector?

Waterproof or not you need to wash your mattress cover once every two months.

But the frequency of washing the mattress cover also depends upon how you use the mattress or how heavily soiled your mattress is.

If your mattress cover is exposed to dirt and oil then washing the mattress cover should be part of your other bedroom cleaning accessories.

Some people think that a waterproof mattress cover doesn’t need to be washed often because it is waterproof but it’s not true. 

We also recommend you need to check how to wash mattress pillows.


Whether it’s waterproof or not mattress cover needs to be washed once in two months, it protects the mattress from any types of liquids, dirt and stains also gives your mattress a long lifespan.

But it’s also important how to wash waterproof mattress cover in the proper way to maintain the lifespan of the mattress cover.

We hope you understood how to wash waterproof mattress cover in the right way so you can extend the mattress life, and sleep well through all the nights.