9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]

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Choosing the best camping mattress for couples is a very difficult task because there are hundreds of mattresses on the market.

and if you are reading this post then you are a camper,

As a camper, you need to know which is your priority for choosing a camping mattress for couples.

and you don’t want to compromise on anything whether it’s comfort, price, weight, size, or noise when moving. It all depends upon what you want from the mattress.

That’s why you are searching for the best camping mattress for couples because you want the best mattress for couples with amazing and useful features.

it doesn’t matter if you two are experienced in camping or not every couple has different expectations from the mattress.

First, you need to think about how much space you need together to sleep comfortably? Do you need a mattress that will fit in your backpacking tent or do you want a queen size bed to sleep freely & comfortably?

let’s First see which is our no.1

Best Camping Mattress For Couples 

1. EnerPlex Twin Air Mattress (best camping bed for couples)

EnerPlex Twin Air Mattress

9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]

best camping bed for couples

  • This mattress’s built-in pump inflates in under 2 min with super high speed its good for travelers and campers

Product description :

This mattress comes with a 6 Inch Double Height Inflatable Bed with a Built-in Dual Pump.

these premium waterproof air mattresses can be used as a floor mattress at home, a portable bed for traveling, and even as a camping mattress in the great outdoors.

with 2 years of guaranty and this product claims that it will not leak,

This mattress is very popular for camping twin-size beds and has thousands of positive reviews of satisfied customers who bought this mattress for camping couples.

the special thing about buying this product is you can get a 30-day money-back guaranty,

in meantime, you can use this mattress and go camping with your partner and after if you think this is not a camping mattress or it doest fulfill your demands then you can get full refund in 30 days of duration.

Get a portable battery pack or car outlet adapter alongside the pump to inflate Before Going camping.

Custom Coil Beam Construction promises you a comfortable sleep as you sleep in your home whether you go camping or traveling this product promises it can give you comfortable sleep as you sleep in your home.

and this is waterproof hence you can use this outdoor of your tent and feel the amazing experience of sleeping outside.


  • Flates in under 2 min (super fast)
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Waterproof mattress
  • Easy Inflate and deflate and inflation keeps three days straight


  • customer support is not good

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2. Coleman Camping Cot (Best camping Air Mattress for couples)

Coleman Camping Cot

9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]

(Best camping Air Mattress for couples)

  • If you are a person who wants an elevated bed then this can buy you some quality sleep
  • It comes with a battery pump so you can easily inflate the bed 
  • Supports weight more than 600 lbs
  • This mattress comes with 1 year of warranty, free shipping & 30 days return policy
  • Best for camping couples who want sleep elevated 
  • It only takes about 90 seconds to inflate the mattress with the battery-operated pump

Size: Twin, Queen (59” x 22” x 78”)

Weight: 29 lbs (twin air bed folding cot); 41.9 lbs (queen air bed folding cot); all included 92.6 lbs.

Pump: Battery Operated Pump (4 D Cells)

Mattress Material: Nylon, Steel Frame Cot

Product description 

If you are looking for a camping mattress for couples with extra features and if you are not comfortable sleeping on the ground then this mattress can be very useful.

this mattress is a combo mattress with a cot you can practically pack the whole bed so you don’t have to sleep on the ground!

Being in contact with the direct ground can be cold but with this mattress, you can sleep on an elevated surface for warmth & more comfort in your mind.

The contoured coil construction provides much better support for the back & Arms.

The Cot frame of the Coleman mattress can hold up to 600 lbs and most of the people who used this camping mattress with a cot says it is one of the best mattresses they bought in their life.

Colemans Comfortstrong coil construction has a Leak-proof AirTight® system to protect from leaks.


  • Leakproof Design that doesn’t leak at night
  • Easy storage bag and battery-powered pump
  • this holds Up to 600 lbs
  • For more storage space & warmth this elevated from the ground


  • Bulky & Heavy

3. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC

Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC

9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]
  • Easy to inflate without hassle
  • super Lightweight 
  • Easy to Carry 
  • Gives you a comfortable sleep

SIZE– Queen Size 55×79 Inch

WEIGHT- 7 Pounds


PUMP– battery-operated pump and storage bag included.

Material– Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Product description 

To travel or camp more comfortably and stress-free Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person is one of the best choice mattresses for couples to camp or travel.

If you are an experienced camper or just starting out doesn’t matter but you must need a mattress to have low weight and is easy to carry along with that comfortable sleep. 

If you are deciding whether you should buy this mattress or not then don’t hesitate to buy,

this mattress comes with a carrying bag that you can easily carry anywhere in this world, it has a weight of only 6 pounds.

Compared to any other beds in the market for camping couples they are heavier than this mattress,

you don’t need any mattress that weighs high and is not easy to carry don’t you?

this mattress is super lightweight easy to carry and gives you more comfortable sleep than any other mattress.

and most important factor is that this mattress is PVC Free and what is PVC? typically PVC contains plasticizers like phthalates which are best to avoid.


  • Temperature stable and abrasion-resistant surface
  • Reduced Motion transfer  & annoying disturbance while moving 
  • With Battery Pump to easily inflate without hassle
  • Lightweight & Easy to carry anywhere


  • Requires electricity for pump

4. ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed

ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed

9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]
  • A rechargeable pump for quickly inflating the mattress
  • Super lightweight
  •  30 trial nights 
  • PVC Free Mattress
  • Great portable mattress with high durability 

Product description –

This mattress is the best camping mattress for couples because of its outstanding performance, quality of material, and high durability.

The mattress is very lightweight and it is a firm mattress in terms of firmness level.

The rechargeable pump of the mattress is excellent, the pump can inflate the mattress within a few minutes, and also can be useful for deflating the mattress.

Before going camping make sure you need to charge the pump for 12 hours for better performance in inflating the mattress.

Lots of mattresses have a major problem that they lose air at night while we sleep, but ALPS Mountaineering velocity mattresses have that kind of technology that you can’t wake up in the middle of the night on the ground.

This mattress guarantee that it will not leak while you sleep but if you use this mattress with proper direction then chances are low to leak.

The mattress has a cooling system that can make the mattress solid and more comfortable.

Its weight is around 4 pounds and is ultralight compared to the other mattress, and you can transport it easily from one spot to another sport without doing too much effort.


  • Feels like a foam mattress when it’s fully inflated 
  • Rechargeable battory pump for quick inflation
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • It can carry weight around 500 pounds
  • Highly durable
  • Coils system make the mattress solid and more comfortable 


  • Large in size and not suitable for backpacking, you can use it for car camping
  • No charger indicator on the pump

5. Exped Megamat 10 Insulated Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Exped Megamat 10 Insulated Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]
  • Self Inflating mega mat
  • You can adjust firmness through the pump
  • Insulated for comfort through all four seasons

Product description-

You want the feel of home while sleeping in the wood? Then you need to definitely look for this mattress.

A 3.9-inch thick pad is the best pad around all the camping mattresses for couples.

The Exped Megamat is made of excellent quality and offers comfortable sleep for two people.

The mega mat 10 mattress is a self-inflating mattress but also includes a small pump for adjusting and customizing the firmness level in the mattress.

The touch feel of the mattress is soft you can’t feel any roughness while you sleep on the mattress.

This is the most expensive camping mattress for couples in the market, materials used in this mattress all are chemical and PVC free.

The other mattress takes a lot of time to deflate but this mattress has a large valve so it can deflate in just a few seconds.

If you are looking for a two-person sleeping mattress then it’s the best.

But the mattress is a bit heavy around 8 pounds but this won’t matter if you pack this mattress in a car.


  • Self-inflating mattress and deflates in just a few seconds.
  • Chemical-free and gives us comfort like home
  • Keeps your body warm 
  • Little pump for customizing firmness level
  • Easy to roll and easy for packing
  • Made from superior level of material


  • the pump of this mattress is not a good quality pump
  • A bit heavy and not suitable for backpack

6. ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed

ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed

9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]
  • Super lightweight 
  • Easy to pack and easy to carry
  • The feel of the sleeping surface is great
  • Comes with a rechargeable pump

Product description: 

The mattress is lightweight and so comfortable that you can carry it anywhere if you love traveling.

In another mattress, their sleeping surface feels like a trampoline mat but in this mattress, the feel of the surface is very comfortable and doesn’t feel like a trampoline mat.

If you to buy a two-person mattress and your first priority in the mattress is comfort then you should definitely buy this mattress.

The mattress got coil construction to give you a solid surface and give you more comfort while you sleep.

It can carry weight around 500 pounds so it can handle the weight of two-person easily.

The ALPS mountaineering vertex mattress also comes with a rechargeable pump that can help to get the mattress to inflate quickly and easily.

The weight of the mattress is around just 4 pounds only so you can easily pack this mattress and carry to your backpack because it’s lightweight.


  • Made from superior and durable materials
  • Have a coil system for more comfort
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Lightweight mattress with carrying weight 500 pounds 


  • A bit low to the ground 
  • No charging indicator on the pump

7. KingCamp Deluxe Series

9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]

Product description- 

This mattress is a unique mattress from all other camping air mattresses in the market,

The kingcamp deluxe series thick self-inflating camping sleep pad mattress have jet stream foam and it gives you comfort like other premium mattresses can’t even think of.

It’s a self-inflating mattress which means you just need to open the valve then it will inflate automatically within a few minutes while in time you can set your camp.

The kingcamp mattress has various sizes and colors you can choose which one is best for you and your partner.

The mattress has Polyester 150-denier oxford that can make the mattress highly durable and it also depends on the roughness of the camp 


9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]

Product description- 

 if you have a low budget but if you want to buy the best camping mattress for couples then INTEX CLASSIC DOWNY air mattress is the best choice you have.

The mattress is comfortable for couples and they can also use this mattress indoors as well as outdoor.

The air mattress comes at a very affordable and cheap price range.

Also, have an extra 2 in 1 valve opening for quickly inflating the mattress.

The surface of the mattress is soft and firm enough for supporting your back and spine and gives you painless and body pain relieving soft sleep that other mattresses can’t.

And this mattress can hold around 72 hours before it stretches.

If you are that type of couple who moves too much on the bed then nothing is best than this mattress because the mattress contains good quality materials 


  • Waterful surface
  • Highly durable material that can provide more durability of the mattress.
  • Firm and soft for your body
  • High weight carrying capacity around 580 pounds
  • Sticks on the same position


  • You need to inflate twice a day for a better experience
  • Initially, for few days, the mattress can give you a plastic odor 

9. In Your Prime Double Sleeping pad

9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]9 Best camping mattress for couples 2022 [Updated 2023]

Product description:

If you are looking for a lightweight camping air mattress at the cheapest price in the market then In Your Prime Double sleeping mattress is best for you.

The mattress has an inflatable blow-up pump bag that can inflate & deflate the mattress within a few seconds. 

In Your Prime Double Sleeping pad have a perfect balance between comfort and portability.

The mattress weight around just 2 pounds, the mattress is constructed with reinforced fabric interwoven in crosshatch intervals to prevent tears and leaks


Are you an experienced camper or not? You both need best camping mattress. 

And if you two couple then you can look for your individual need and look according to your preference, style, and features you want.

But our First priority in camping mattresses should be comfort.

Because you already know that if you camp outside then that place has a rough surface and you can’t sleep on anything but an air mattress.

So if you are a couple who are going camping or traveling then you must need best camping mattress for couples according to your preference.

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