How to Make Crib Mattress More Comfortable

Have you recently purchased a crib mattress and found out it has a flat and hard surface? And you are thinking how to make crib mattress comfortable & soft?

But honestly, you are wrong.

The fact is, if your baby is less than 12 months then the baby needs a firm and flat surface to sleep on and this is to prevent the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

And your baby’s crib mattress is exactly comfortable for the baby as it’s supposed to be, you can flip to a softer or toddler side when your baby gets a little bit older (more than 12 months).

I know it’s hard to see our cute little baby sleeping in their crib with a hard surface, no pillows, no sheets, or anything soft but this is the safest way.

But meanwhile, you can make the flat and firm side of the crib mattress more comfortable by following some ways I will talk about in this blog.

7 Ways How To Make Crib Mattress More Comfortable & Softer (The Safest Ways)

Many parents add blankets, pillows, and soft toys to make them sleep comfortably but you are making the worst mistake of your life!!

Because it can suffocate your baby and can increase the chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

But there are many ways to make your baby’s crib mattress more soft and comfortable which are totally safe and proven by the doctors.

1. Use Sleep Sacks Or Swaddle Wrap:

Baby loves to be cozy and snug, so if you use sleeping sacks or swaddle wraps then it can help them to sleep more comfortably in their crib.

And because you can’t use the blanket in the crib to keep your baby warm becuase of SIDS then Sleep Socks or Swaddles Wraps are great alternatives for blankets.

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2. Use a Soft sheet

First Don’t use the normal sheets in the crib mattress, but you can use soft crib sheets which are specially designed for cribs.

So select a high-quality cotton jersey soft crib sheet.

Using a tight-fitted soft sheet will make the surface plusher. So your baby can sleep comfortably and soft on a crib mattress.

After researching tons of sheets I finally found a soft fitted sheet that is made from high-quality cotton jerseys but before buying this make sure you know the size of both sheets and the mattress.

3. Clothing and swaddling

Instead of changing your mattress, you can change the baby’s clothes because the baby can feel soft and comfortable if you dress up your baby nicely.

You can use something soft and breathable cloth to make your baby sleep comfortably.

Use pajamas to make the baby more comfortable.

But before all of this make sure you are using clothes according to the climate are you in.

And if your baby is so young then you can also swaddle him/her up.

And this practice does not only make the crib comfortable but also adds a sense of security especially if your baby is a newborn.

4. Use White Noise Or Soothing Music

The research found that white noise can help your baby relax and sleep comfortably.

White noise or soothing music can calm down your baby and make them asleep for a longer amount of time.

It also eliminates outside noises and other types of sound which distracts the baby from sleep.

So if you use a white noise machine then you can make your baby sleep better and calm.

5. Make the Room Darker

One reason may be the reason your baby is not sleeping comfortably on a crib mattress because crib mattresses are bright.

And because of this brightness, your baby can’t sleep properly.

So you need to make the room as dark as possible if you are at home then you can make the baby’s room dark by closing the windows or turning off some lights.

But if you are away from your house or want to travel with a baby then you need a baby tent.

Which controls brightness and makes your baby sleep better.

6. Maintain Room Temperature.

It’s so important to make sure your baby’s room is not too cold or too hot, you need to make your room temperature between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit to make the baby sleep better.

But you can also try some changes according to your climate and baby’s comfort.

7. Make Sure The Crib Is Clean

As I mentioned before putting things in your baby’s crib could be dangerous so you need to clear all the things from the crib.

A clean and clutter-free crib makes your baby sleep more comfortable.

And following these tips can make your baby sleep more comfortable in the crib.

Why Are Crib Mattresses So Hard?

As I mentioned before lots of professionals and doctors recommends using the hard and firm mattress for young babies.

Because soft mattresses can suffocate your baby and there are high chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

So its better to have a firm crib mattress but you can make the mattress softer as your child grows older.

And you can also flip your crib mattress side to the toddler if your baby gets to more than 1 year.

You can test the firmness of your crib mattress to make sure it’s safe for your baby.

And you also need to check there is no gap in the corner and no peaks on the surface so make sure you know these things because it’s the question of your baby’s safety.

Why are baby cribs so uncomfortable?

There is so much difference between your baby’s comfort and an adult’s comfort while sleeping.

Because we need a softer and plushy surface but on the other hand baby needs a firm surface and fitted sheets.

I know seeing our little ones without pillows blankets and toys or any soft material is going to hurt but this is the safest way for them.

So first give preference to safety over comfort and if you use the ways to make crib mattresses comfortable and soft as I mentioned above then you had done your work.

Don’t worry your baby is going to sleep comfortably if you do these things.

How to make crib more comfortable for 1 year old

If your baby is more than 1 year old then there are things you can do to make your crib mattress more comfortable for the baby.

But make sure to use these tricks and tips only when your baby is older than 1 year.

1. Use Crib Mattress Topper

If your baby is less than 12 months then I don’t recommend this but if your baby is more than 12 to 15 months then there are no better options than a mattress topper.

These mattress toppers are specially made for crib mattresses to make them more comfortable for babies.

If you decided to buy a mattress topper for your baby then make sure its ingredients are non-toxic and safe.

My personal favorite mattress topper/pad is Hiccapop Pack ‘n Play pad, which has a firm side for tummy-time play and a softer side for toddlers.

2. Fitted cotton crib sheets

If you put fitted cotton sheets that are specially designed for crib mattresses then you can make your baby’s crib mattress more comfortable.

Fitted cotton sheets can create one extra-thick soft layer on the crib mattress for a more plushy and soft feel.

So if you want to get them then make sure you choose the perfect size which will properly fit your crib mattress so check the size of your crib mattress before any purchase.

4 Reasons Why Your Baby Hates Crib And How To Change That

There are also some reasons why your baby hates crib mattresses so you need to fix them so your baby can sleep more comfortably in a crib.

1. They’re Not Used to It

If your baby has been sleeping in your bedroom and you place them into his/her own crib then there may be a little drama from your little one.

Because he/ she’s not used to sleeping in the crib so it can take a little while for them to adapt to this new environment.

But if you do some effort to make the crib feel like home and more comfortable then your baby can sleep easily in their crib.

If you play or do fun with your child then they can also feel at home in their crib.

2. Empty place

Your baby is used to the warmth of your arm so if you change their place to the crib then it’s going to be very uncomfortable for them.

Because the crib is just a cold, large, and empty space.

So give some time for the baby to adjust to the new environment and make your baby’s crib feel at home and comfortable.

3. Painful

Lots of babies have acid reflux which is quite common in young babies if your baby is one of them then being placed on their back on a flat mattress to sleep can painful for them.

So book an appointment with your baby’s doctor.

4. The Crib is Too Wide

Crib mattresses can seem very small to us but cribs can be large giants structure for your baby’s 

So you need to make your crib feel like home for your baby.

So you can try Swaddling babies.

Final Thoughts on How to make crib mattress more comfortable

I know seeing your child without any pillows, sheets, or toys alone in the crib can hurt so much but this is the safest way for your baby to sleep on.

However, you can try making your crib mattress more comfortable by using some safest ways that I talked about in this blog.

You can just simply use fitted sheets which are specially made for crib mattresses.

And dress your baby in some comfortable clothes so they can sleep soft and comfortable in the crib.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to make crib mattress softer for toddler

If your baby is old enough to sleep on the softer or toddler side of the crib mattress then you can use tight-fitted soft sheets to make the crib mattress softer. Select sheets which are made from high-quality jerseys and add more comfortable clothes to your baby, so the baby can feel softer.

2. Can a crib mattress be uncomfortable?

The crib mattress is exactly made for the right firmness and support, so you don’t need to worry about its safety but you can do things to make your crib mattress more comfortable. So you can use some extra cushioning by using softer sheets.

3. When can baby have a softer mattress?

For babies to sleep on the softer side of the crib mattress they need to be at least more than 12 months, until that time you should always use the firmer side of the mattress because its the safest way for the baby.

4. Should a baby mattress be firm or soft?

If your baby is less than 12 months then doctors and professional recommends using the firm side of the mattress because if you use the soft side of the mattress then it can be dangerous for your baby because it can suffocate the baby. So the mattress should be between an eight and a 10 on the mattress firmness scale.