Pack n Play mattresses are excellent place for baby to sleep in and most of the parents have pack n play mattress for their babies.

But lots of parents find the mattress which comes along with pack n play that original mattress pad is uncomfortable for baby.

Then here comes the question of how to make pack n play mattress more comfortable without compromising pack n play’s safety.

There are lots of ways on how to make pack n play mattress more comfortable so we will discuss it one by one.

And there are lots of article in google in which they are recommending very unsafe options so read complete article to know those things for your baby’s safety 

But before we discuss these ways to make a pack n play mattress comfortable first we will discuss some common questions people ask about this topic.

Why are pack n play mattresses not comfortable?

How to Make Pack N Play Mattress More Comfortable

The pack n play mattresses are made for safety and functionality so comfort is not in the list so much, but comfort for adults and babies are different.

We love fancy pillows and comfortable mattresses which gives us comfort and support but the babies on the other hand can sleep anywhere if we provide them right conditions.

Pack n play offers safe sleeping and playing area for any place.

They are so lightweight and can fold easily for storage so achieve this manufacturer created thin mattress for pack n play.

But you cannot use thicker mattress for baby in pack n play do not worry, you don’t need that let me tell you how.

Lots of people compare their comfort of mattress to the babies pack n play mattress but the fact is babies don’t need soft mattresses and plushy pillows to be comfortable.

The reality is that pack n play mattresses are enough comfortable for baby but also if you want to make pack n play mattress more comfortable then stay tuned.

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 10 Ways on How to Make Pack n Play Mattress More Comfortable.

Here are some proven ways to make pack n play mattress more comfortable for babies.

1. Get Comfy Pack N Play sheets 

The Good Quality Sheets can make huge difference when it comes to comfort of your baby.

Whether you purchase a new pack n play mattress or not but having comfy pack n play make sleeping in your baby’s crib more comfortable. 

And this is the safest and fastest way to make pack n play mattress comfortable.

There are lots of different varieties of sheets on the market but after researching more than 30 pack n play sheets,

I Finally came to conclusion on one safest and best pack n play sheets in the market.

2. Get Padded Sheets

Like comfy sheets, padded sheets are also the best safest, and most comfortable options for babies to pack and play with.

These padded sheets have extra thick layer of friendly fiber that are supportive and comfortable.

So they are good option for breathability.

Again there are lots of different options are available in market but find that type of padded sheets which will fits in your pack n play.

But here is the best choice from us after researching tons of padded sheets on the market.

3. Get Waterproof Sheets

Adding waterproof sheets to your babies pack n play will help you to clean up when accidents can happen in night.

But this also add a soft and comfortable layer for your baby to sleep on.

If your baby makes accidents in the night regularly then as a mom this sheets can be lifesaver for you.

And again this is the safest way to make your pack n play more comfortable.

But before choosing the one make sure you check the size and choose tight sheets.

Here is one option which is best option in the market for waterproof sheets.

4. Get Pack n Play Blackout Tent

Pack n plays are sometimes used when you are away from your home like on vacations or something.

And pack n plays are very bright for your baby to sleep, your home probably have curtains or blind but when you are away from your home then you can’t control brightness.

The effective solution of this problem is to purchase The Pack ‘n Play blackout tent which is very convenient on vacations during the summer.

My favorite Pack ‘n Play darkening tent is from SnoozeShade.

And this tent has ability to adjust the brightness in the pack n play and it has breathable tent. 

Which also gives excellent mosquito protection.

5. Adjust The Temperature & Maintain AirFlow in Baby’s Room

Too hot or too cold environment can affect a baby’s sleep so keeping your baby’s room temperature cool but comfortable is another way to make a pack n play mattress comfortable.

And a stuffy room sucks whether you’re an adult or baby.

So make sure you use a small portable fan which you place right beside the back n play or inside the tent.

And about the temperature, it also depends on seasons and how you dress them.

So wrap them into the sleep sack and pajamas that have right thickness so it will be warm enough if it’s chilly season.

And it’s recommended by the experts that babies sleep at a temperature between 68° and 72°F (20° to 22.2°C).

6. Remove all accessories from the pack n play  

You may think to pop in baby’s favorite stuffed animals or blanket inside the pack n play to comfort them but they don’t comfort them.

Instead of comforting them they can be dangerous for your baby.

So nothing else should be in pack n play expect the baby and this goes all for babies under 12 months.

Having extra things in your baby’s pack n play increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and is a bad idea.

So keep the sleeping area clean without any toys or phones or any other accessories to make pack n play more comfortable.

7. Use a sound machine to create white noise

Researches shows that white noise can helps your baby to sleep.

If you are away from your home or going somewhere outside with the baby then you can download white noise app on the phone and you can play through mobile also.

But we recommend using this noise machine because it is very effective and it can also block out other noises that might be disturbing them.

8. Use a Mattress Topper (Not Safe option)

There are many types of mattress topper available on the market but lots of mattress toppers which are specifically designed for pack n play.

But most of those mattress toppers do have toxic materials so make sure if you want to but mattress topper then you need to check whether its toxic or non-toxic.

If you are a DIY lover then i appreciate very much but if you create your own DIY foam pad then its does need to follow manufacturer’s guidelines.

This isn’t recommended by manufacturers because they say, you need to use the original mattress which is given with a crib.

So I am not sure about trying a new mattress in your baby’s crib.

But if you have decided to swap your mattress with new one then ensure that it fits the base snugly and leaves no gaps around the side, nor at the bottom.

And also make sure there shouldn’t be any sort of gap between the frame and the mattress, even in the corners.

But again I don’t recommend this option if your baby is less than 12 months.

How to make a Pack ‘n Play more comfortable for your toddler


( these option in this sessions are not recommended for babies under 12 months)

If your baby is bigger than 12 months and if you have a toddler then these options going to make your baby’s pack n play mattress more comfortable.

1. Pack ‘n Play Mattress Topper:

As i said before there are many mattress toppers in the market that has harmful materials but there are also have safest and organic mattress toppers in the market.

And the reason they are not safe for babies under 12 months is their thickness.

Baby can fall from a thicker pad and become entrapped between the mattress’s edge and soft Pack ‘n Play side,

Which will leads injuries or even suffocation for your baby.

But if your baby is more than 12 months then you can use mattress topper which has less thickness,

I prefer using Foam mattress topper for your baby’s crib so your baby can have more softer mattress feel and more cushioned surface.

And based upon all the conditions and researching tons of mattress toppers i found the best thin mattress topper for your baby.

And this mattress topper is organic made from natural materials.

2. Changing Pack ‘n Play mattress with a mini crib mattress

This also not be the safe option if your baby is less than 12 months and mini crib mattresses are thicker than mattress topper which will increase the chances of risks.

But lots of parents use mini crib mattress if you are one of them then use only for toddlers, not baby.

Also if you are using it then make sure it will properly fit into the pack n play and offers enough support for your toddler.

Final Thoughts on How to Make a Pack N Play More Comfortable

Pack n play mattresses are comfortable as they are but there are things you do to make them more comfortable for baby to sleep.

But one thing you must need to remember is that not gives to much attention of comfortability instead of give more focus on how you can make more safe as well as comfortable.

This article is on how you can make the perfect ambiance for your kiddo to fall asleep faster.

And some tips and tricks to make your baby sleep comfortable in pack n play.

But if you just use Comfortable or padded sheets which i recommend in the first place then you can make your baby’s pack n play more comfortable enough.

If you have any questions regarding on how to make pack n play mattress more comfortable then you can ask them on comment section.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make my pack n play sleep comfortable?

If you use comfortable or padded sheets then you can make the pack n play mattress more comfortable enough to make your baby sleep comfortably in the pack n play.

2. Can I put better mattress in pack n play?

You should never put anything like pillows, toys, padding or any other soft materials in pack n play because Having extra things in your baby’s pack n play increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and is a bad idea.

3. When should I lower my pack n play mattress?

If your baby reaches the bassinet weight limit, typically 15 lbs. So you can lower your pack n play mattress before that i never recommend to lower pack n play mattress.

4. Can you put a crib mattress in a pack n play?

No, you can not put a crib mattress in pack n play because the standard size of crib mattress does not fit in a pack n play. And the standard crib mattress size is about 52” long by 28” wide which is much larger than the 37.5” by 26” pack n play mattress.

5. Can a baby sleep in a pack and play every night?

Yes, a baby can sleep in a pack n play every night because it is the best alternative for crib mattress. And this is the safest place for your baby to sleep in.