Does Novilla Mattress Have Fiberglass?

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If you are considering buying novilla mattress then if you may have a question on your mind that is does novilla mattress have fiberglass? 

Then don’t worry we got you covered.

But let me give you the shortest answer, Novilla mattress does not have fiberglass and instead of fiberglass, they use a fire-resistant cover that is made from Bamboo and Rayon which are 100% Safe. 

Novilla brand used fiberglass in their mattresses in past but however, but they said they discontinued using fiberglass in mattresses.

In this article, you are going to see why novilla mattresses used fiberglass in past, why they don’t use it now and what’s novilla mattresses made of.

And if you don’t know what is fiberglass and how dangerous it can be then stay tuned.

Why Novilla Mattress used Fiberglass in Past

First upon you need to know not only novilla but there are more than 80% of mattresses in the united states use fiberglass in their mattress.

So like the other brands novilla mattress used fiberglass in their mattresses.

But why do mattresses including Novilla Uses Fiberglass? 

According to the federal law of commission, every mattress brand who are selling mattresses in the united states must need to have flame retardant to make their mattress safe from fire.

And fiberglass is the cheapest flame retardant in the world and fiberglass makes mattresses safe from fire and acts as a flame retardant.

But there are other alternatives like wool, cotton, latex, and other natural materials but they are expensive and many brands don’t prefer them.

Novilla Mattresses are transparent with their customers because they are claiming that they used fiberglass in past but after knowing the risk of fiberglass they have stopped the use of fiberglass in their mattresses.

does novilla mattress have fiberglass

No, Novilla Mattress does not have fiberglass in it and according to their customer support team they are fiberglass-free and 100% safe. 

They also claim that they have used fiberglass in past but knowing the risk of fiberglass they have stopped using fiberglass and now they are 100% safe and fiberglass free.

If you have purchased novilla mattress in the past few years then there are chances that your novilla mattress can have fiberglass beneath its cover.

But their new models do not contain fiberglass anymore.

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What’s Novilla Mattress Made of?

does novilla mattress have fiberglass

Novilla mattress is a bed-in-box memory foam mattress and they sell their mattress online for ease and convenience.

Novilla mattress has lots of different layers and is made from several types of foam so let’s know what Novilla Mattress is made of.


The cover or upper layer of novilla mattress is made with a combination of Bamboo and Rayon and they are 100% safe.

And this cover is a fire-resistant cover so they are also making sure their mattress is safe from fire.

First Layer

This layer is just beneath the cover of novilla mattress and this layer consists of gel-infused memory foam to help sleepers to stay cool while sleeping and enjoy sweat-free sleep.

Second Layer

The second layer of novilla mattress has comfort foam and it’s called airflow comfort foam which will make it easy to move around on the mattress.

Third layer

The third layer of novilla mattress contains soft polyfoam to provide more balance and responsiveness.

Fourth layer or bottom layer

The last bottom layer of novilla mattress contains only high-density polyfoam which will support the overall mattress.

And this layer is the base of the mattress.

Is Novilla Mattress Toxic?

No, Novilla Mattress is not toxic and does not have harmful chemicals in it. In fact, they are CertiPUR-US Certified. So Novilla Mattress is not toxic and they are 100% Safe.

Also, they do not have fiberglass now which makes them safer and fiberglass-free.

Are Novilla Mattresses Safe?

All mattresses made by Novilla are 100% Safe, Natural, and Fiberglass-Free. They do not use any harmful chemicals or dangerous materials like fiberglass.

So All Novilla Mattresses are Safe and 100% Natural.

How Dangerous Fiberglass in Mattresses?

Fiberglass is the most dangerous material which can give you a lot of health issues.

And 80% of mattresses on the market have fiberglass in them.

And they put fiberglass beneath their cover of the mattress and if you accidentally opened their cover or washed them then believe me you are going to have a nightmare.

If fiberglass particle comes out of the mattress and if your body comes to contact with fiberglass then you can have symptoms like breathing problems, skin irritation, nose bleeding, and other dangerous symptoms.

And in the worst-case scenario, if the fiberglass particle comes to contact with air then it can spread all over to bedding, and the house.

It will make it impossible to remove fiberglass from your house and your family members including children can have dangerous symptoms.

So you need to stay away from mattresses that contain fiberglass.

How to Find Fiberglass in Mattress

There are lots of ways to find fiberglass in mattresses, but if you are unsure about whether your mattress has fiberglass or not then do this.

Way 1: check its label

Almost all mattresses list their ingredients on their mattress label and if you found words like glass, fiberglass, or silica then it means your mattress has fiberglass.

Way 2: Check Brand Mention

There are lots of mattresses that hide fiberglass in their mattress and they are not transparent with their customers.

So if any mattress brand has words like “don’t open cover” or do not wash cover without a valid reason then you can be 100% sure it contains fiberglass.

Because most brand puts fiberglass beneath their covers and if you open it then fiberglass can come out of the mattress.

Way 3: Check online

This is the best way to find out whether your mattress has fiberglass or not, which you are probably doing right now.

And that’s why you are searching for “novilla mattress fiberglass”

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Does Novilla Mattress Have Fiberglass?Does Novilla Mattress Have Fiberglass?
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Final Words on Does Novilla Mattress Have Fiberglass

Novilla mattresses do have fiberglass in past but after knowing the risk of fiberglass they have removed fiberglass from the mattress and now instead of fiberglass they use a fire-resistant cover.

And now they are 100% Safe and Natural and Free from Fiberglass.

So if you have any questions regarding novilla mattress fiberglass then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.


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