Why does it feels like something is moving in my mattress?

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Yes, it’s true that lots of people on the internet, feel like something is moving in their mattress.

I have read all their experiences on Reddit, Quora, and other public communities and you won’t believe what I have Found…

I found that lots of people told their experiences in these public communities are having feelings like their bed is moving, vibrating, or anything big like mice or any other bugs moving on their mattresses.

But the surprising and scary thing is when they check their mattress or bed then they found nothing and this kinda fears them.

If this happens to you then what to do next?

Why does it feels like something is moving in my mattress

There can be many reasons why you feel like something is moving in the mattress.

1. There can be bugs or rats in your mattress

The first thing you need to do in this situation is checking overall your mattress or bed to find if any holes, bugs, or mice exist or not.

Because if your mattress has any hole then bugs or mice can go under it.

So just check your mattress carefully. 

But if you don’t find anything 

Then what to do?

2. Change your bed or mattress

If you do not find anything on your mattress then you need to change your mattress if you are feeling the same.

After changing your bed if you still face the same problem then what?

3. Consult your psychiatrist

Believe me, this problem is not about any ghosts or demons it’s a psychological problem, you have to consult with your doctor.

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