How Long To Let Puffy Mattress Expand?

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Puffy mattresses are one of the best mattresses in 2022, but if you brought a puffy mattress and have questions like,

How long to let puffy mattress expand?

Then the answer is there is no time frame, but most of the puffy mattresses nearly expand around 2 hours to reach their size and firmness fully. So it’s really important that you wait another 5 hours for better performance.

I know you want to sleep on your puffy mattress quickly as possible and feel its comfort and cloud-like feel,

But believe me, you have to be patient for sleeping on a puffy mattress.

And if you are facing some problems during its expansion then you can contact their customer support team (+1 (800) 430-8380).

In this article, we are also going to see how to unbox your puffy mattress and the things you need to know before using the puffy mattress.

So stay tuned.

How Long to Let Puffy Mattress Expand?

How Long To Let Puffy Mattress Expand?

When the puffy mattress arrives at your doorstep first step you need to do is unbox and unroll your puffy mattress.

After this step, you need to wait for the puffy mattress to fully expand for 2 to 5 hours.

Because this expansion process will help the mattress return to its actual size & shape.

And puffy mattresses have the shortest expansion period compared to other mattresses in a market they usually expand in 24 to 48 hours.

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How long does it take Puffy mattress to expand?

2 to 5 hours is enough for the puffy to fully expand and return to its original size and shape however if you hurry in sleeping on a puffy mattress then you can sleep on it after 2 hours of expansion.

How long does Puffy take to inflate?

If you recently bought a puffy mattress then don’t worry too much about its expansion or inflation because the puffy mattresses can inflate in a short amount of time.

So puffy mattress takes 2 to 5 hours to inflate completely and return to its original size and shape.

Does Puffy Mattress Have Off-Gassing Smell?

Most of the memory foam mattress that comes in the bed-in-box, all have an off-gassing smell when we open them and wait for them to expand.

And if you are concerned about does a puffy mattress smell?

Then don’t worry because the puffy mattress is CertiPUR-US-Certified.

That means a puffy mattress does not smell at all and does not affect your indoor air quality.

So the puffy mattress does not have any OFF-Gassing Smell.

How To Let Puffy Mattress For Expand? (Step by Step)

To let the puffy mattress expand just unzip its cover and remove the foam insert.

And just cut the plastic wrap off the mattress and set the foam insert on top of the puffy mattress.

After that replace the cover and zip it up and wait for 2 to 5 hours to fully expand the puffy mattress.

Step 1: Put Puffy Mattress in Ventilated Area

In the expansion process, fresh airflow is essential and helps remove mold growth or mildew.

Step 2: Wait for the Puffy Mattress to Fully Expand

After you cut the plastic wrap and set the foam insert on the top of the mattress then wait for the puffy mattress to expand completely.

And this may take up to 2 to 5 hours, so let’s be patient.

If you feel that your puffy mattress is too firm then you can also add a mattress topper to it to make it more soft and comfortable.

Step 3: Remove Air Bubbles

Sometimes it’s important to remove air bubbles if your puffy mattresses have them.

So use a straw and blow on the surface of the resin and pop any bubbles that appear.

Step 4: Sleep on your Puffy Mattress

Now after all of these hustles, finally it’s time to sleep on your puffy mattress and enjoy its comfortable cloud-like feel.

For future prevention, you will also need a mattress protector or cover.

What happens if I sleep on puffy mattress before it expands?

Believe me, you don’t want to do that because if you sleep on a puffy mattress without expanding it properly then it can cause uneven surfaces and cause weak edges.

You didn’t notice any difference in the short term but in long term, your body will experience uneven surface.

Is It Necessary To Expand Puffy Mattress Before Use?

Yes, it is necessary to expand the puffy mattress for 2 to 5 hours before use or it can cause an uneven surface.

So it’s really important for you to take your puffy mattress out in proper airflow and wait for the puffy mattress to expand completely.

Puffy mattress not expanding What Is The Problem?

If your puffy mattress is not expanding it means there could be problems with your puffy mattress’s cover, air chambers, or foam.

And without knowing the cause it’s really overwhelming to fix the problem.

So you need to take your puffy mattress to the nearby warehouse or call their customer support team because sometimes mattresses can be defective.

How Fast Can You Sleep On A New Puffy Mattress?

When a puffy mattress arrives at your doorstep it comes in a bed-in-box, so you need to check how to unbox puffy mattress.

And after unboxing you need to unroll your puffy mattress and put it outside or in a well-ventilated room to expand the mattress.

After waiting for 2 to 5 hours you can directly sleep on your puffy mattress.

And if you feel that your puffy mattress is too firm or too soft then you can use a mattress topper to make your puffy mattress more comfortable.

Please allow the puffy mattress to wait for at least 30 to 60 days to adjust to your body.

And you can still claim a return or refund in its Free Trial Period if you face any problems after 30 to 60 days.

Final Words on How long Puffy Mattress takes to expand

A puffy mattress usually expands in 2 hours once you unbox it and unroll the mattress.

And puffy mattresses have the shortest expansion time so don’t worry too much about their expansion.

If you face any problems with puffy mattress expansion you can directly contact their customer support team. (+1 (800) 430-8380)

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