How to Move a Puffy Mattress?(6 Easy Steps)

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If you have a puffy mattress and want to know how to move a puffy mattress because the puffy mattress is a heavy mattress and also a bed-in-box mattress.

The question here is that when you are moving your mattress to a new address or want to ship your mattress then you must need to know how to move a puffy mattress.

So there are two possible case scenarios when you want to move your puffy mattress.

First is that you want to move your puffy mattress to the new address or you want to return the puffy mattress and want a refund.

However bed-in-box mattress like puffy can’t be folded so how you can move a puffy mattress.

How to Move a Puffy Mattress to New Address (6 Easy Steps)

So, as I said before there may be two possible case scenarios for moving a puffy mattress. The first one is to move the puffy mattress to another address or move the puffy mattress for claiming return.

Moving a puffy mattress is a tough task for a single person because you can’t flip or fold that mattress and the puffy mattress is pretty heavy.

Before you move your puffy mattress there are tools and things you need to move the puffy mattress.

  • Duct Tape
  • Plastic Bag
  • Moving Pads
  • Straps
  • Hand Gloves 
  • Screwdriver & Hammer (Optional)
  • Scissors & Boxes

Step 1: Gather Rights tools to Pack Puffy Mattress

The right tools and things are going to help you so much in this process and make this task very easy and quick.

Right tools like plastic bags protect the mattress from getting dusty or dirty and other types of stains.

And we are using straps for tying down the mattress to make it more secure when moving.

And duct tape will hold everything in place and also keeps your mattress from dirt.

And other tools that I mentioned above are also important so get all the tools from local outdoor shops and get ready for moving a puffy mattress.

Step 2: Clear the Path

Before you move your puffy mattress you must need to clear the path because this will prevent you from getting caught.

And this help also prevents from you getting injured.

If you are moving a puffy mattress of your own or if you have the company of another person then clear the path before you move the puffy mattress.

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Step 3: Put your Puffy Mattress into Plastic Bag

How to Move a Puffy Mattress

As I said before plastic bag is very important for mattress when moving because it will prevent any types of dirt or stains that can cause when moving.

And you can store your puffy mattress for a long time if you want.

So this step is very important becuase it will protect and secure a puffy mattress.

Step 4: Move your Puffy Mattress

A puffy mattress is can’t be foldable because it is a bed-in-box mattress so you need to remember that.

But in this step, you might need the help of someone.

Wear your hand gloves while moving your puffy mattress.

If you want to move your puffy mattress a short distance then you don’t need a delivery truck or car for moving a puffy mattress.

But if you are moving a puffy mattress to a long distance then you must need transport vehicle.

Step 5: Use Straps for Holding Puffy Mattress.

When you move your mattress there are chances that the mattress can move a little bit from its position and it can damage your mattress,

So you can use straps for holding your puffy mattress in position.

Because straps hold your puffy mattress to one position and secure your puffy mattress when moving.

And this step is very important if you are using the car for moving your puffy mattress.

Read this article on how to tie mattress to a car.

When you are moving your mattress to another location it’s really important for you to use truck delivery partners.

Because moving the mattress with your car is not recommended and it’s risky, especially for heavy mattresses like a puffy mattresses.

So use vehicles like transport trucks for moving the puffy mattresses to the new location.

How to Repacking the Puffy mattress for return

If you want to return your puffy mattress then you must need to do repacking your puffy mattress.

Before you do repack, contact customer support first.

Because you need to apply for a return first by contacting directly to their company.

And you can easily return a puffy mattress under 101 days because they offer 101 Days Free Trial.

You can also email [email protected] with your order number and puffy will cover the returning charges and initial your refund.

After that, they will tell you to step by step process to return their mattress.

Can You Fold A Puffy Mattress?

No, you can’t fold your puffy mattress because the puffy mattress is a bed-in-box mattress and if you fold it then it can damage your mattress.

But there is a way to roll your puffy mattress with ratchet straps.

Final Words on How to move a Puffy Mattress

Now you know how to move your puffy mattress with some easy steps, and for repacking the puffy mattress for a return you need to contact puffy’s customer service.

With these 6 easy steps, you can easily move your puffy mattress to your new house or new location.

But keep in mind you need to be very careful when moving a puffy mattress becuase your mattress can get damaged if you don’t follow the right steps.

And if you have any questions on this topic ask me in the comment section.

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