How to Rotate Avocado Mattress?

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If you recently bought an avocado mattress then I am very sure you liked the avocado mattress very much.

Because the avocado mattress is one of the natural and best mattresses in the united states.

The comfort and support of the avocado mattress are next levels.

And if you want to know how to rotate avocado mattress then you are on the right article.

But first, let me tell you there is no need to flip avocado mattresses because avocado mattresses are one-sided ones and avocado only offers comfort when you sleep on the right side of the avocado mattress.

However, you can rotate the avocado mattress once per month for the initial six months after that period you need to only rotate the avocado mattress once in 2 months.

But how do you know that you are sleeping on the right side of the avocado mattress and if you rotate your avocado mattress in the wrong way then you can damage your mattress.

Then how to rotate avocado mattress in the proper way?

Don’t worry we got you covered.

Can you Flip Avocado Mattress or can avocado mattress be flipped?

No, you can not flip avocado mattresses because they are one-sided mattresses and if you flip them then you can’t get enough comfort and support because they are designed to be one side only.

Avocado offer three models Avocado green, Avocado organic, and avocado Luxury Plush.

And all three models have innerspring and base foam in the last layer of the avocado mattress so if you flip them then there is no chance you can sleep comfortably on the other side.

So it would be best if you slept on the right side of the avocado mattress in order to get proper and comfortable sleep on an avocado mattress.

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Which Side Of Avocado Mattress Goes Up? 

How to Rotate Avocado Mattress

Sleeping on the right side of the avocado mattress is so important for comfortable and supportive sleep.

And finding the right side of the avocado mattress is just a piece of cake.

You need to find the logo on the avocado mattress.

And when you sleep on an avocado mattress then you must see an avocado logo at the foot of your mattress so you can easily read it.

Are you supposed to flip Avocado Mattress?

No, you are never supposed to flip the avocado mattress because avocado mattresses are not designed to sleep on double sides. Avocado mattresses are single-side mattresses.

So flipping an avocado mattress can make your mattress so uncomfortable.

Do not flip the avocado mattress, instead of flipping the avocado mattress, you can rotate your avocado mattresses once a month.

How to Rotate Avocado Mattress

It doesn’t mean if you can’t flip your avocado mattress then you can’t need to rotate the avocado mattress.

Because flipping and rotating an avocado mattress is a different thing.

And you need to rotate your avocado mattress once a month for at least the first 6 months to ensure the wool layer of the avocado mattress compresses evenly from top to bottom.

Rotating an avocado mattress is very simple, just rotate your avocado mattress from head to foot once a month for the first 6 months.

After 6 months, you can rotate the avocado mattress once in two months.

And in order to prevent body impressions, rotate your avocado mattress once a month for at least 6 months.

What if you sleep on the wrong side of Avocado mattress

If you sleep on the wrong side of the avocado mattress then believe me you can’t even sleep on the mattress because the last layer of the avocado mattress contains base foam or pocketed coils.

And this will make you so uncomfortable.

So sleeping on the wrong side of an avocado mattress makes you uncomfortable and hard to sleep because avocado mattresses are designed to be a one-sided mattress.

How to Make Avocado Mattress comfortable 

Making an avocado mattress comfortable in the initial days is so important because your body got used to your old mattress,

And when you suddenly change your mattress then you can feel uncomfortable on an avocado mattress in the initial days.

You can feel your mattress is too firm or sometimes have back, or neck pain.

So to avoid that you need to make your avocado mattress comfortable for your initial days.

So here are some ways you can make your avocado mattress comfortable in the initial days.

Way 1: Add a Mattress Topper

Adding a mattress topper to your avocado mattress is so important.

Many people feel their mattress is too firm in the initial days.

And it can make it uncomfortable to sleep on an avocado mattress.

So adding a mattress topper can make your mattress soft.

You can choose the firmness level of the mattress topper depending upon your choice.

But I suggest using a soft mattress topper on an avocado mattress in the initial months.

Mattress topper not only makes your new mattress soft but also makes you sleep more comfortably and also protects your mattress from any spills or accidents.

Way 2: Add Fitted Sheets 

If you add a fitted sheet on your avocado mattress then it will create an extra layer on your mattress which will help you to sleep more comfortably,

As well as protect your mattress from stains and dust.

Way 3: Use Right Pillow

Many people face trouble sleeping on mattresses because they are not using the right or comfortable pillow.

Using a comfortable pillow can make all the difference.

So use the right kind of pillow depending upon the firmness and support.

Way 4: Use a Waterproof Mattress cover

I know this can’t make your avocado mattress more comfortable but this can change the game.

Because using a waterproof mattress cover will protect your mattress from future accidents like vomit, urine, or any spills.

So next time if any accident happens, you need to only wash its cover not the entire mattress because washing a mattress cover is way easier than washing your entire mattress.

You will thank me for this tip.

Final Words

You can’t flip your avocado mattress but you can rotate the avocado mattress to evenly distribute the wool materials inside the mattress.

And rotating your avocado mattress once a month for at least the first 6 months is very important and necessary.

So if you have any questions regarding the avocado mattress you can ask them in the comment section of this article.

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  1. We finally got our new Avocado bed frames, foundations and mattresses set up! It took a while, because we had to sell our previous king-sized bed and mattress. We had no room to store our old bed, so our new Avocado beds stayed in their boxes till we finally sold the old bed. We are both senior citizens, aged to perfection, I might add! We slept on the same bed (different ones over the years), for 45 years. My husband (81) developed “night terrors”, and would sometimes flail his arms around in his sleep, waking me up and sending me scrambling off the bed in a hurry! So, we decided to get two extra-long twins, and now we look like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo! We did need newer mattresses, anyway, as our old king was a pillow top, and just didn’t offer enough support anymore. I suffer from a myriad of back problems, and the only way I can get a good night’s sleep is to lay straight and flat on my back. I had read about and researched the Avocado mattresses, and because they were so highly rated by Consumer Reports, I yearned to buy two extra-long twins. We had to budget for them, and when they went on sale, I jumped at the chance to order them. We are both glad we finally have them!! I am finally getting some restful sleep, and can even wake up in the same “casket position” that I initially went to sleep in. When I wake up, I can actually get right up and walk! That was something I was having difficulty doing with our old mattress. Plus, bonus!! My husband’s sleep disturbances have virtually vanished! He, too, is getting better sleep! So, I will definitely toot the horn for Avocado Mattresses to anyone who is looking for a better night’s sleep. Everything went smoothly from the beginning, when I placed the order, to the delivery, which was prompt, and to the actual unpacking and assembly of our new bed frames and beds. The frames and foundations are the perfect height for us. And our cats love to spend their nights on our beds with us, too!
    Thank you for your wonderful products, and most importantly, they are made in the USA!


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