Vibe Mattress Lawsuit 2022 (Fiberglass & Complaints) Reality

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Vibe mattresses are the highest rated and most popular mattresses on amazon.

And Vibe sells good quality mattresses at affordable prices.

the owner of the vibe is classic brands, a company that has been selling mattresses for over 40 years.

And yes, vibe mattress has fiberglass beneath their cover but why anyone is not talking about it? And why there is no lawsuit against them?

And If you don’t know about vibe mattress lawsuit, complaints, fiberglass, or what vibe mattress is made of?

Then stay tuned because we are going to see all questions, lawsuits, or complaints against vibe mattresses.

is there a lawsuit against vibe mattress?

Vibe Mattress Lawsuit

Vibe mattresses are in the market for decades but there are No lawsuits against vibe Mattress, after tons of research we have literally found vibe mattress has no lawsuits against them but they still have fiberglass beneath their cover.

Usually, customers and the government file lawsuits against mattress companies like nectar Mattresses sued by Federal Trade Commission for Making Fake Claims.

And there are rare cases like the purple mattress lawsuit, in which the brand itself filed a lawsuit against the honestmattressreview blog.

Any customer or government who files a lawsuit against any brand must need to have a valid complaint and reason like how you are affected by that bed and why it is dangerous.

There are few complaints have been filed against Vibe Mattress but there are no lawsuits.

Why there is No Vibe Mattress Lawsuit

Vibe mattress has fiberglass, and fiberglass is the most dangerous material in mattresses.

But still literally, no one filed a lawsuit against vibe.

Because most people even don’t know what is fiberglass. Or how it will affect their health.

There are people who purchased vibe mattresses from amazon, they write complaints like this.

There are lots of brands like Zinus has been sued for using fiberglass.

But why there are no lawsuits against vibe, so please if you are affected by vibe mattress fiberglass then you can file a lawsuit against them.

Common Vibe Mattress Complaints

There are lots of common complaints against vibe mattresses like sagging, fiberglass, and other back pain issues.

Why people don’t sue Vibe Mattress?

most people don’t sue any mattress brand because lawsuits can be really expensive.

And not many Americans have money for attorney fees.

And the second reason why people can’t file lawsuits is becuase lawsuits can take way lot of time.

It can take months for a lawsuit to get results from the court and in the case of big brands like classic brands which manufacture vibe mattresses and it can take more time and patience.

The third reason why people don’t file lawsuits is that people even don’t know what fiberglass is and how that will affect their health.

And people lack the knowledge to file lawsuits against the vibe

That’s why there are no lawsuits against vibe mattresses.

Can I Sued Vibe Mattress?

Yes, you can sue the vibe mattress for containing fiberglass but you need to have a valid reason to file a lawsuit against the vibe mattress.

If you have been affected by a vibe mattress, and if there is any damage happening to you or your family because of a vibe mattress then you can use a vibe mattress.

And you also need to prove that so you need evidence for that and without evidence, you can’t hold the case.

All customer purchase vibe mattresses from amazon, but amazon is just an online platform they do not own vibe mattresses.

So you need to sue vibe mattress, not amazon.

Does Vibe Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Yes, vibe mattresses have fiberglass beneath their cover. Because they want to pass the flammability standards of the federal trade commission also fiberglass is a cheap material to make mattresses safe from fire.

Fiberglass is cheap and vibe only manufactures affordable beds and if vibe uses materials like wool, latex, or other natural flame retardants then they can’t manufacture affordable beds.

Because these natural flame retardants can be expensive and vibe does not want to manufacture expensive beds.

But vibe does not think about its customer’s health and only thinks about their price points and profits that’s why vibe uses fiberglass in their mattresses.

What is Fiberglass?

Vibe Mattress Lawsuit

Fiberglass is a dangerous material that can affect your health, and most mattress brands use fiberglass for making their mattress safe from fire.

According to Federal Trade Commission, any mattress brand that sells mattresses in the united states must need to have flame retardant to make mattresses safe from fire.

And that’s why 80% of mattress brand uses fiberglass as a flame retardant to make their mattresses safe from fire.

Because fiberglass is a very cheap material and it is also the best flame retardant.

But fiberglass can be very dangerous if you come into contact with it.

How to check whether your mattress has fiberglass or not?

There are lots of ways to find out whether your mattress has fiberglass or not but these are some most common and proven ways to check fiberglass in a mattress.

Way 1: Check its label

Nearly most mattresses list their ingredients on their mattress label.

You need to look at words like glass, fiberglass, or anything related to fiberglass.

And if you found anything related to fiberglass then you can be sure your mattress has fiberglass.

But there are lots of brands including vibe hides that their mattress has fiberglass and fool their customers and are not transparent with their customers.

In that case, let’s check the next way to find out fiberglass in the mattress.

Way 2: Check Mentions

If any mattress brands mentioning about “do not open cover” or “do not wash the cover” without a valid reason then that mattress 100% has fiberglass in it.

Because most mattresses put fiberglass beneath their cover. And if your remove that cover then fiberglass particles can come out of the mattress.

You can also check where that mattress brand manufactures its mattresses.

If you find it’s “made in china” then there are high chances that the mattress has fiberglass because china is known for manufacturing cheap products.

Way 3: Check Online

This is the best way to find fiberglass in any mattress to check online and that’s what you are doing right now.

You can easily find fiberglass in mattresses or any lawsuits against your mattress brands in minutes.

How dangerous Fiberglass can be?

Fiberglass is a very dangerous material and if they come out of the mattress then it’s very harmful.

And if your body came into contact with fiberglass then you can have major health problems and symptoms like breathing problems, skin irritation, nose irritation, throat irritation, nose bleeding, and other dangerous symptoms.

In the worst case, if fiberglass particles come out of the mattress and it comes to contact with air then fiberglass can spread all over your house and make it impossible to remove it.

And all of your family members are going to have these dangerous symptoms.

So you need to stay away from mattresses that have fiberglass in them.

Final words

Yes, vibe mattress is an affordable mattress and lots of customers love their mattresses,

But that doesn’t mean vibe mattresses are 100% safe.

Because there are lots of complaints against vibe mattresses, especially about fiberglass.

And fiberglass is a very dangerous material that can cause major health issues.

But still, vibe uses fiberglass in their mattress and the worst thing about this is they don’t even have a single lawsuit against them for using fiberglass in their mattress.

So if you are affected by its fiberglass then you can file a lawsuit against vibe mattresses.

If you have any questions regarding vibe mattress lawsuit or vibe mattress fiberglass you can directly ask me in the comment section of this article below.

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