The futon is the most comfortable sofa bed and mattress to sleepover, they are a superb alternative to the traditional mattress.

You can pull up a futon and can use it as a sofa set or you can lay down the futon and use a mattress, because of these abilities they are very popular.

Lots of people who buy a new futon mattress then they experience lots of sliding because of that they never buy a futon mattress a second time.

so if you want to know how to keep futon mattress from sliding then stay tuned.

people who use futon mattress have common sliding problem.

Is there is any way to prevent the futon mattress from sliding? Yes, of course, there are lots of ways you can keep the futon mattress from sliding.

If your futon mattress is sliding then maybe the reason behind slippery is your duvet cover that has started slipping, but there could be lots of reasons why your futon mattress is sliding.

But the Best Way to Keep a futon mattress from sliding is to use non-slip Futon Grip Pads, because they are made from non-slippery materials and they can prevent your futon mattress from sliding.

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Use Non-slip Futon Grip Pad to keep your futon mattress on the frame where it belongs.

But if you want to know more ways of how to keep futon mattress from sliding then let’s check out.


before we start different ways of keep futon mattress from sliding, first discuss why your futon mattress is sliding? what causes a futon mattress to slide?

The most obvious reason for the futon mattress to slide is its weight, which makes the futon mattress overly responsive to movements . But there are also more reasons why your futon is sliding off again and again.

1. Unbalanced Futon Materials

the construction of all futon mattresses is, all the same, however, polyester and cotton blends are used to create cover fabrics that have no grips against the wooden or metal bed frame.

2. Wobbly bed frame.

The saggy or uneven bedframes are the main causes of futon mattresses sliding off, to remove this issue, inspect all the joints of your frame and tighten up all the bolts, also move your bedframe to on uniform surface.

3. Old Bed Frame

Another possibility of your futon mattress sliding is your bed frame is very old or damaged, and lots of people buy second-hand bedframes to save money, but believe me, it’s not worth it

3. Your excessive movement.

If you move a lot in your bed then your futon mattress definitely going to slide off, and if you turn or toss a lot in your bed then this will affect the position of your futon mattress which will cause it to travel around the bed with you on top.

(7 Ways) How to Keep Futon Mattress From Sliding 

In this session, I have listed proven & easy ways to keep futon mattress from sliding so you are free to choose which trick is best for your mattress.

1. Use Fitted Bed sheets 

how to keep futon mattress from sliding

Covering your futon mattress with bed sheets is the simplest, easiest, and fastest way to keep your futon mattress from sliding.

Fitted sheets would be perfect for your futon mattress or you can purchase a removable sofa cover that people use for they want to refresh the interior of the sofa.

Besides that sheets not only prevent the mattress from sliding but also protects from stains and other kinds of dust and increase the lifespan of your futon mattress.

You can use a normal sheet if you want but make sure it covers beyond the length of its width.

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2. Check futons Frame 

how to keep futon mattress from sliding

Futon mattresses have a bad reputation because of only one problem i.e sliding, but one the rare cases futon is not a problem,

When the frame is slightly tilted or wobbly then it can cause the futon to slide off on the floor, and if you move a lot in bed then the futon is going to slide more.

Check the frame properly for uneven feet or loose parts sometimes there is a very small problem like if you tighten the frame’s bolts then the problem is solved.

You need to also check the floor, is the surface of the floor is even? If your frame is fine then check the surface is ever or not.

If your floor surface is uneven then you need to move your futon mattress to an even floor surface.

3. Try Grip Strips 

how to keep futon mattress from sliding

There are many ways to fix your loose futon mattress and prevent them from sliding off through your wooden floor surface without using any screw in between.

If your bed frame has wooden slats then an adhesive grip strip is also the best option for you to keep the futon mattress from sliding without using screw-in between.

You can buy adhesive grip strips at any hardware store.

If you don’t know how to use strips grip to keep your futon mattress from sliding then here is how you can do it.

Step 1. Remove the futon from the bed frame 

Step 2. Measure the length of each slat & cut the corresponding piece of grip strip

Step 3. Remove the paper layer then on the sticky side and after that glue one piece to each slat by applying a little pressure on it.

Step 4. Ensure grip’s foam side is facing upwards because this will hold your mattress in a place

That’s it you have completed this process by using grip straps to keep your futon mattress from sliding.

4. Try Velcro strips 

keep futon mattress from sliding

Like grip strips, velcro strips could be the best option for you to keep futon mattress from sliding if you don’t have sewing skills.

Once again you need to identify the contact points on the underside of Fulton’s corners & you need to make sure the corresponding contact points on the slats

Step 1 : Glue the hook side of the velcro bed frame

Step 2 : Attach the other side of the Velcro to the mattress & make sure both the hook and loop sides will surely sticks together for this you can use safety pin

Step 3. Stick them together 

If you don’t have any skills then this trick will keep the futon mattress from sliding.

5. Make Customized Corner Straps 

If you are a DIYer and you love to make customized things of your own then you don’t have to spend money on anything and you can get rid of the sliding problem of your futon mattress.

So let’s check out how you can make handmade corner straps but before you do you need to have some piece of fabric, a cording piece, a needle, and some threads.

You have to start by measuring the bed frame’s height and use the measurement to cut the cording.

You need to keep the length of the cording double the height of the bed frame and you will need 8 pieces of this.

Get the two pieces of cording and then stitch on every corner of the futon mattress then after this, you can put the futon back to the bed frame.

And then wrap the pieces on each corner around the slats or lag of the frame and then tie them together to secure the futon tightly.

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6. Use Rubber mats

 keep futon mattress from sliding

Rubber mats are used everywhere that people need to reduce the slippery.

If you go to the gym, you must have seen rubber mats & yoga mats on the floor, both of them prevent people from slippery and the same principle applies to futons.

After knowing the importance of rubber mats the next question should be which size of rubber mats you need for your mattress.

First upon you need to clean your bed frame first, because dust, debris particles can accumulate on the surface of the slats, and make them more slippery.

So you can vacuum under the bed to remove all dust to enhance the grip.

After that you need to cover the whole area with rubber mats where the futon sits, to complete this task you can use a single large rubber mat or several smaller ones.

7. Use a cardboard 

how to keep futon mattress from sliding

You can place a piece of cardboard under the mattress so you can easily and quickly solve the issue of sliding.

By placing a piece of cardboard under the mattress will add a barrier between the mattress and the futon.

This is an affordable option for people who don’t want to spend on any accessories.

You need something soft when you sit or sleep on a futon mattress, you can just lay down cardboard.

This trick provides minimalist protection against sliding   

How to Keep a Queen Futon from Sliding

Conclusion on How to keep futon mattress from sliding

If your futon mattress slides a lot when you sleep on them then the best way to stop this from happening is to use Non-slip Futon Grip Pad which is the best way to keep futon mattress from sliding.

also, there are lots of different ways on how to keep futon mattress from sliding as I mentioned in this article.

If you have any questions regarding my article on “how to keep futon mattress from sliding” then you can ask me in the comment section.


How do I keep my futon mattress from sliding down?

If you use Non-slip Futon Grip Pad between the seat of the futon frame and mattress then this can help you prevent sliding of your mattress. You can also use fitted sheets, Grip strips, rubber mat or cardboard to keep your futon mattress from sliding.

How do you lock a futon in place?

If you want to lock your futon in place then you need to push on the frames edge once’s its flat to lock in bed position and again if you want to release the lock then pull the edge back towards you and lift from what is normally the “A’s” top hinge.