Kingsdown Mattress Review 2022

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Kingsdown mattress review: The mattress industry is constantly growing with more and more features and advanced beds that give excellent sleep.

Kingsdown mattress is one of the most luxurious mattresses in the market.

This brand operated in tier 1 countries only like the United States, Canada, and Europe, and is known as one of the largest independent mattress manufacturers in the world.

And an average customer who wants to buy a Kingsdown mattress but they don’t have any information about Kingsdown mattress then shopping for a Kingsdown mattress is hard & challenging.

Kingdown mattress is a customized handcrafted premium mattress.

This is one of the few companies in the world that wants you to sleep revolutionary comfort by offering their premium mattress.

Since choosing a mattress for you is a very hard task for you, but let me help you through this Kingsdown mattress review.

I will make sure to provide you with all information you needed about Kingsdown mattresses through this Kingsdown mattress review.

ServiceMain FeaturesScore
Best OverallKingsdown Vintage Immix

Kingsdown Vintage Immix

  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin Long, Full, Full Long, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Type of Mattress: Hybrid
  • Mattress Height: 16 inches
  • Weight (Queen): 100 pounds
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Kingsdown Mattress Review

Kingsdown Mattress Construction

Kingsdown Mattress has lots of types but we are going to discuss only their popular product lines and we will break down their materials, construction techniques and which mattress option will be best for you.

we will also discuss how its material and construction will help you to get good night sleep.

But all product lines from kingsdown mattress are expensive but they are made with top quality materials.

depending upon your preference we will discuss which kingsdown mattress model you like and why it is best for you, but lots of people have different choices so choose according to your preference.

Now we are going to discuss all layers of kingsdown mattress and what each layer contains.

Kingsdown Mattress Layers

Kingsdown Mattress Review

We are going to breakdown Kingsdown Silent Partner Fontaine because this type is the most popular type of kingsdown mattress.

Kingsdown Silent Partner Fontaine is a spring-and-foam hybrid mattress.

Top Layer:

the mattress is using proactive air technology that continually adapts to the needs of both your body and your partner’s.

But the Silent Partner Fontaine which is a another popular type of kingsdown mattress contains 1 inch pillow top which makes kingdown mattress more comfortable.

Middle Layer:

this layer contains 3 inches of memory foam and this layer above it to enhace the comfort.

Bottom Layer:

the mattress contains 9 inches of pocketed coils, and these springs add firmness, support and stability to overall mattress, this mattress model is unique and extra ordinary in all product lines.

the mattress’s bottom layer is made of two layers of 4.5 inches of coils on top of each other instead of a single row of 9-inch coils.

Kingsdown Mattress Types

1. Hybrid

the hybrid kingsdown mattress offers blend of foam and pocketed coils, and all kingsdown hybrid mattresses are luxurius and fetures quilted top and layers of memory foam or latex on top of individually wrapped coils.

Kingsdown Vintage Immix is top best hybrid model in kingsdown mattress product line. this Mattress is Budget Friendly and one of the best hybid mattress in the market.

2. Mattress in Box

Kingsdown mattress offers 2 mattresses which are compressed and shipped directly to your house in box.

The lavande and Kadee mattress features memory foam design.

If you are aromatherapy lover then the lavande mattress have lavender-scented foam that promotes sleep and relaxation.

3. Foam

Kingsdown mattress are also know for best memory foam mattress in the market, the foam product line from kingsdown mattress includes ZedBed, Body Essential, and Cool Wave mattresses.

these mattresses are also includes some layers of latex foam for more comfort.

and these foam materials in these mattresses are infused with materials such as copper, graphite and lavender also available in lots of firmness options.


If you like leaving royal life and if you want to sleep like the king, but you don’t know anything about these mattresses and you are still confused about which one to buy then I will help you to find the best Kingsdown mattress for royal & Comfortable sleep like a king.

Kingsdown mattress Good & Bad

Kingsdown Mattress Review 2022Kingsdown Mattress Review 2022

The Good

  • Advanced Features 
  • High Coil count & Luxurious 
  • Comforting metals
  • Superior motion isolation
  • Customizable firmness and comfort levels

The Bad

  •  Some models are pricey and heavy 
  • Customer service is not good
  • Certain models sag after 3 years

Buy Kingsdown mattress If

Kingsdown Mattress Review 2022Kingsdown Mattress Review 2022

1. You like to sleep cool:

each of Kingsdown mattresses has advanced cooling technology, and these mattresses have Airflow performance fabric & breathable foam so it guarantees you will sleep cool no matter whichever the model is.

2. You want to sleep on smart & intelligent beds:

there are lots of smart beds in Kingsdown mattresses that have proactive, customized support. They have amazing advanced features like they stay active at night when we sleep and adjusting automatically to make sure your body is in proper alignment.

3. You love memory foam:

all Kingsdown mattresses have memory foam, latex, and a combination of both, if you love sinking in feeling and other features of memory foam then it’s worth buying a Kingsdown mattress.

Don’t Buy a Kingsdown mattress If

1. You want a long-lasting bed:

a minimum of 20% of owners who bought Kingsdown mattresses says this mattress sag after 3 years of using it.

2. Your Budget is low:

an average best Kingsdown mattress costs you 1500$-2000$, so if you are on a low budget then buy alternatives of Kingsdown mattresses

3. Do you think is this Best for me ?

Before Buying kingsdown mattress you need to make sure is it best for you? 

If you have a low budget then this mattress is not for you, kingdown mattress comes in a budget of medium to high and it starts from 1500$ 

They are made of the best comforting material with a high coil count that gives you more comfort, you can literally feel like you are sleeping on a cloud!

Some models provide pressure relieves and superior motion isolation which is best for couples, the best thing about kingsdown mattresses is they come in all sizes.

So, you can choose whichever size you are comfortable with, also you can choose sizes of these beds according to your bedroom sizes.

Kingsdown mattress performance overview

Let’s take a quick look at the performance and features of Kingsdown mattresses.

There are currently 7 different Kingsdown mattresses that we can choose and each model comes with varying firmness levels including… 

Medium Firm Model :

this model has a universal comfort level which is best for back, stomach, and combination sleepers. They rank 6 to 7 out of 10 in terms of the firmness scale

Plush  :

this model is all foam bed that has a plush feel and they rank 4  out of 10 on the firmness scale, this model is best for side sleepers because this model has comfort layers that will maintain your hip and back in proper form with relieving pain.

Firmness Model :

this type is best for people who sleep on stomach and back because of its comfort level. This mattress model ranks 8 out of 10 in firmness 

And they come in many styles including intelligent air beds, hybrid, latex foam, and innerspring.

Some Amazing Features of Kingsdown mattress :

Have Options in Firmness:

above we already discussed that what are the firmness options in Kingsdown mattress, but most of the Kingsdown mattress comes with firm and soft firmness, best for people who love soft firmness.

But if you purchase any SMART Technology mattress then you can have full control over the firmness of the mattress.

Motion Isolation :

some of the models have motion isolation and this is an amazing feature if your partner is keeping waking up when you sleep, because of this feature you don’t get disturbed when your partner is moving around the bed.

Because it contains memory foam and high density foam that absorbs motions.

Flippable :

Another mattress likely doesn’t have option for flipping or rotating if any mattress does’t flip or rotate then it’s gonna be sag after few times.

Kingsdown mattress atleast needs to flip or rotate once in a year to slow down sagging process, make sure before you buy they have two-sided design that can be flipped

Pros and cons of kingsdown mattress:

Pros and Cons of Kingsdown mattress


  • Trusted Brand and have more than hundred years of experience
  • Made from Luxurious high Quality materials
  • Wide variety of beds with high Coil count
  • Some models features of Motion Isolations
  • Customized handmade mattress
  • Some models have smart & High Tech Features


  • Some models are too expensive 
  • Mattress are not available directly in kingsdown website
  • Difficult to find retails stores in many regions
  • Some models are heavy and sag after 3 years of use
  • Luxury of high-end mattress may be not in your budget


If you are looking for a luxury mattress that all has the best features and you want get that feeling of Royalness then nothing is best than kingsdown. ( if you are not concern about its price)

If your budget is low then i should recommend you do not buy this instead you can buy other mattresses that suits your budget.

There is no better royal mattress other than kingsdown.

How long does Kingsdown mattress last?

Most of the Kingsdown Mattresses lasts between 15 years or more but you need to change your kingsdown mattress every 8-10 years

Where are Kingsdown beds made?

The Kingsdown Mattress Factory is in Mebane, North Carolina, Kingsdown mattresses are the most popular mattress brands available in america and all of the kingsdown mattresses are made in USA.

How heavy is a Kingsdown mattress?

Kingsdown mattress weighs around 50 pounds to 150 pounds and the mattress contains 4 layers that are Pocketed Coils, Support Layer, Gel Memory Foam, High-Density Polyfoam.

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