Does Lull mattress have fiberglass?

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The lull mattress is one of the most transparent and popular mattresses in the united states.

And now lots of people are knowing about fiberglass in mattresses,

There are more than 80% of mattresses on market contains fiberglass which is really dangerous and can cause lots of health issues.

But if you want to know “does lull mattress have fiberglass?” 

Then the answer is short and simple, Lull Mattress does contain a small amount of fiberglass in their mattresses and they don’t even deny it. 

They are transparent with customers because lots of brands do not even mention they contain fiberglass like nectar, vibe, and zinus.

Does Lull Mattress have fiberglass?

Does Lull mattress have fiberglass?

Yes, lull mattress has fiberglass in their mattress becuase they use fire retardant socks to make their mattress safe from the fire they even mention on their site that their mattress contains fiberglass, and because of that they are very transparent.

But at the end of the day fiberglass is a very harmful material that can cause lots of health issues and has dangerous side effects.

But you may think why do mattress brands use fiberglass? And what exactly fiberglass is? And how to find out that your mattress has fiberglass?

Why do Lull Mattress & Other Mattress Brands use Fiberglass?

As I said before, there are more than 80% of mattress brands in united states use fiberglass as a fire retardant.

According to Federal Law for mattresses, if any brands sell mattresses in the united states they must use fire retardant to make their mattress safe from fire.

And fiberglass is a very cheap fire retardant so that’s why 80% of mattress brands are using fiberglass.

And other fire retardants latex and wool are expensive, so cheap mattress brands don’t use expensive and safe materials becuase they want to sell their mattress at cheap prices.

What is fiberglass? And how dangerous can fiberglass be?

Does Lull mattress have fiberglass?

If you search in the dictionary for fiberglass, you can get the definition as reinforced plastic merged with glass fibers in a resin.

They actually look like white hairs if you pick a bunch of them in your hands.

If your mattress contains fiberglass then you must not open the cover of your mattress because if you do so then fiberglass materials can come out from the mattress,

And can spread all over your bedding.

In the worst-case scenario, if the fiberglass comes out from the mattress and gets in contact with air then it can become a much worse situation than before.

Because if fiberglass comes in contact with air then it will spread all over your house and make it impossible for you to remove.

And if your body comes in contact with fiberglass, then you can have symptoms like breathing problems, skin irritations, nose bleeding, and other dangerous symptoms.

So you need to just stay away from a mattress that contains fiberglass in their mattress.

Why Lull Use Fiberglass In their Mattresses?

As I said before fiberglass is a cheap material for making mattresses safe from fire.

And lots of popular brands like lucid, nectar, vibe, zinus, and other uses fiberglass in their mattress.

Most mattress brands put fiberglass beneath the cover of their mattresses.

And if you want to find out whether your mattress has fiberglass or not then just check their label and if you find words like glass, fiberglass, or anything related to fiberglass in their ingredients then that mattress 100% has fiberglass.

But lots of other brands don’t even mention that they contain fiberglass like nectar mattress. 

But Lull Mattresses are transparent with their customers and they clearly say their mattress has a small amount of fiberglass to make their mattresses safe from fire.

What to do if you already purchase Lull Mattress?

Fiberglass in a lull mattress won’t be a problem if you do not remove its cover or wash its cover.

If you want to clean its cover or the mattress then you can use the spot cleaning method to clean the lull mattress and its cover.

So don’t worry if you already purchase the Lull Mattress, and if your mattress is still in trial days then you can return that mattress if not then you can use Lull Mattress and enjoy sleeping on the Lull mattress but don’t remove its cover.

How to Find Fiberglass in Any Mattress?

If you want to find out fiberglass in your mattress then there are some ways to find out whether your mattress has fiberglass or not.

Way 1: Check its Label

Nearly all of the mattresses list their ingredients list in their mattress label, so the first thing you need to do is find out words like glass, fiberglass, or anything related to fiberglass.

And if you find those words then just search on google if that material or ingredient is related to fiberglass or not.

If Yes, then your mattress does contain fiberglass.

Way 2: Check Online

This is the best way to check whether your mattress has fiberglass or not as you are doing this right now.

That’s why you are searching “does lull mattress have fiberglass?’

And there are high chances you can find your answers. 

But the problem with this way is that you can’t find the right answers because if one article can say that mattress does not contain fiberglass then another article can say the exact opposite.

But if there is no article or information about your mattress on the internet then you can try our last way.

Way 3: Check Mentions 

If your mattress mentions anything like “do not open cover” or “ do not wash the cover of the mattress” then there are high chances your mattress has fiberglass.

Because if the mattress brands mention not opening cover or do not wash them without a valid reason then that mattress 100% has fiberglass in it.

As I said before mattress brands put fiberglass beneath their mattress cover.

And if any brand is mentioning about do not open the cover then that mattress definitely has fiberglass in it.

Final Words on Does Lull Mattress Have Fiberglass

Sorry to say you buy Lull Mattress does contain fiberglass, I do not recommend buying a lull mattress becuase it contains fiberglass.

I know they are transparent about their fiberglass but that doesn’t mean you just buy their mattress because they are transparent with their customers.

You can check the best alternatives to lull mattresses that are 100% fiberglass free.

But if you already purchased Lull Mattress then if possible return that mattress and if not then don’t worry about it,

Because as long as you don’t open its cover then there is nothing to worry about.

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