Nectar Mattress Lawsuit (Fake Claims, Complaints & Recalls) 2022

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Don’t Buy Nectar Mattress here is why…

Nectar mattress is the most widespread & fastest-growing mattress company in the united states.

But nectar mattress has always been in controversies since their inception, they have been sued by lots of lawsuits because of various issues.

They also made “Made in USA” False claims and lots of other claims and were sued by lots of lawsuits which we are going to discuss all.

And the main issue behind the nectar mattress lawsuit is it contains fiberglass as a flame retardant.

This means they also use fiberglass to make their mattresses fire-resistant.

Lots of premium brands use materials like wool, latex, or rayon as alternatives to fiberglass for making their bed fire resistant.

But some companies like nectar and other uses cheap material like fiberglass to make their bed more affordable and cheap but they don’t care about customers’ health.

But what is Nectar mattress Recall, what is fiberglass, and why do mattress brands use them? And what’s the story behind this nectar mattress lawsuit?

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What is Fiberglass in Nectar Mattress?

Fiberglass is a material used by lots of mattress brands to make their mattress fire resistant because mattresses can get easily fired up when comes into contact with fire.

And in the USA, it is mandatory for mattress brands to make their mattress fire resistant.

There cheap mattress companies including nectar use fiberglass to make their mattress fire resistant.

But some of the premium brands like avocado, purple and saatva mattresses use wool, latex, and other organic materials to make their mattress fire resistant,

But these materials are expensive so cheap mattress companies only use fiberglass to make higher profit margins at affordable prices.

Nectar mattress is Made in China and as we all know china is known for its poor quality.

How Dangerous Fiberglass Can Be?

Fiberglass is a very dangerous material that can cause you lots of health problems including difficulties in breathing, itching, nose bleeding, and other skin-related diseases.

And if the fiberglass comes out of the mattress and can get into the air then it causes spread all over your house and can get into your eyes.

And it makes it impossible to remove it so you need to call experts if you are dealing with this type of problem.

Nectar Mattress Fiberglass Lawsuit

As I said before nectar mattress also has fiberglass because nectar only manufacturer memory foam mattress and most of the memory foam mattresses in the market contains fiberglass,

Here are some models of nectar that contains fiberglass.

  • Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
  • Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress
  • Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress
  • Nectar Bundle.

One of the customers who purchased a nectar mattress said that after spilling water on her mattress, she took off the cover there is no sign of fiberglass on its label.

But nectar mattress has a page on its official website that does not remove the nectar mattress cover without explaining why we should not remove its cover.

And after some time when she took off the cover, the fiberglass contaminants spread all across her house and she began having nose bleeding and other symptoms that are caused by fiberglass.

If you also have the same issues or any symptoms from their mattress you can file a legal complaint.

And if you want to know in detail then read this: does nectar mattress have fiberglass?

But sadly there is no lawsuit for fiberglass in their mattress.

Why Nectar doesn’t have Fiberglass Lawsuit?

It’s definitely sure that the nectar mattress does contains fiberglass.

Lots of customers who purchased this mattress and even the customer representatives also confirmed that their mattress contains fiberglass.

But there a majority of people even don’t know what is fiberglass.

And they become victims of this fiberglass material and they don’t even know why they were having various side effects like breathing problems, itching, and other symptoms.

But if you don’t open the cover of the nectar mattress then you don’t need to worry about fiberglass because nectar puts fiberglass beneath its cover.

So as long as you don’t open the cover of the nectar mattress then there is nothing to worry about.

If you are one of the victims of nectar mattress fiberglass and got some injuries or symptoms then you can also file a lawsuit against nectar mattresses so don’t be afraid.

And Nectar Mattress Recently has been found for false claims and sued by a lawsuit.

Nectar Claims “Made in the USA” Lawsuit 2018

As we all know if any mattress has been made in the USA tag then customers trust their brands so quickly because it’s made in our country.

Lots of people buy “Made in USA” Mattress Brands because not only do they want quality but also want to contribute to their local economy.

And also mattresses from other countries like India or China have been found the poor quality and unsafe so lots of people don’t purchase their mattresses.

In 2018, years before now the nectar claimed their all products are made and designed in the USA.

But after some time Federal Trade Commission found that Nectar Mattresses are entirely made and designed in China.

Not only Nectar but Dream cloud Mattress also found that they are making the same false claim that their Mattresses are Made in the USA.

But the reality is that their all mattresses are assembled and designed in China.

And making their “Made in USA” False claim they have been sold lots of mattresses and misled their shoppers.

But for now, nectar Mattress has no option but to stop or it will lead them to a huge amount of fine.

Nectar Again Claims “Made in the USA” in 2021

After a warning from Federal Trade commission in 2018, I guess that wasn’t enough for Nectar because in 2021 they were also claiming their mattresses are “Made in the USA”.

And again Nectar was asked again to stop its misleading claims and pay a fine of $753,000.

But in a second lawsuit the Federal Trade commission wasn’t playing like the first one.

The owner of Nectar Ran Reske asked to pay that fine for making misleading “Made in the USA” claims.

And as usual, they argued and said they never made these claims.

But Federal Trade Commission has found their allegations are untrue and Nectar was fined under the penalty of perjury.

Other issues people face when using Nectar Mattress

As I said before nectar mattress has been lots of controversies  because lots of people face various problems after sleeping on the nectar mattresses.

Nectar mattress has many issues like fiberglass, fake claims, and durability, and causes lots of health problems from its fiberglass.

Nectar mattress claims their bed is firm but they are firm and best for heavy-weight sleepers, if you are a lightweight sleeper then you can have back hip, and neck pain.

And another issue from people who purchased nectar mattress claim that their nectar mattress is sagging too early and has a short life.

And if your nectar mattress is sagging then there is a high chance you can feel sore back after sleeping on a nectar mattress.

Premature sagging is a sign of poor materials that are used in nectar mattress because Nectar mattress is made in china.

And if you don’t open the cover of the nectar mattress then how can you wash it? There are lots of different issues people feel after buying a nectar mattress.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is the nectar mattress lawsuit real?

Yes, it is a real nectar mattress that has lots of lawsuits that claim that they are using fiberglass on their mattress and they are making false claims to fool their customers. Like their mattresses are made in China but they claim that they are made in the USA.

2. Is there a nectar mattress recall?

Yes, there is a recall on a nectar mattresses and this recall involves a nectar premium mattresses made on two specific dates. The queen-size nectar premium mattresses were manufactured on 27th November 2021 and the king-size nectar premium mattresses were manufactured on 24th November 2021.

3. Can I sue for fiberglass in mattress?

Yes, you can sue a mattress for fiberglass if you have purchased that mattress and have faced some injuries or health problems so you can give a legal team a phone call and file your lawsuit against any mattress brand.

Final Word on Nectar Mattress Lawsuit

Nectar mattress has been sued for lots of many times in the past for their fiberglass material, fake claims, and other types of issues.

If you already have a nectar mattress then you need to buy a new one if you want to stay safe.

Fiberglass is very dangerous material that can lead to various health problems. And if you are considering buying a nectar mattress then don’t.

instead of buying nectar mattress there are better alternatives in same price point.

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