How to Blow up an air mattress without Pump?

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Whether you’re a camper, traveler or you need an extra lightweight bed in all these cases nothing is best than air mattresses.

Air mattresses are convenient, easy to carry anywhere in the world, super lightweight, and affordable.

Air mattresses come with a pump for inflating and deflating the mattress but what if the pump is broken or you can’t use the pump because whatever the reason is.

Don’t worry, in this article, I am going to share with you how to blow up an air mattress without a pump.

You can use a vacuum, hairdryer, or even from your mouth! What seriously? 

Yes, of course, you are going to know all 7 ways to blow up your air mattress.

How to Blow up an air mattress without Pump

1. Use Vacuum cleaner to Inflate air mattress

How to Blow up an air mattress without Pump

When you are at home or anywhere else but if you can plug into electrical outlets then vacuum is the best way to blow up your air mattress.

Before you start the process of inflating the mattress with a vacuum cleaner you need to make sure the vacuum has no dust or debris, 

If you are unsure about the vacuum then you can run it outside for a couple of minutes to verify that it is completely free.

First, you need to spread out your air mattress on a completely flat surface, then you just need to open the valve and connect the nozzle to the vacuum hose.

You need to continue adjusting the house until you get a completely tight connection.

There are lots of adapters you can find online or any outside sports goods store that adopters can be turned to it if the connection between the nozzle and hose remains to lose.

To blow up your air mattress with the air you need to turn ON the reverse mode, don’t forget to remove the hose from the connection immediately when the mattress is fully inflated.

It’s still a great way to blow your guest room’s air mattress without a pump.

2. Use a Hair Dryer to Inflate air mattress

Another option you can consider if you are near electrical outlets is Hair Dryer.

Who thought your regular hairdryer can also be used for inflating your air mattress, sounds amazing right?

You are in luck because your hairdryer can inflate your air mattress within no time, however, you need to take some precautions before you start inflating your airbed with a hairdryer.

First, you need to make sure your hair dryer is set too cold because hot air from your dryer can melt or damage the valve of the air mattress.

If you used any duct tape in past to any area of your air mattress then hot air can damage the particular area.

So, precautions are important in this process.

Place the nozzle of your hairdryer against the valve opening and then turn it ON then the one-way valve should allow the airflow automatically into your air mattress to blow up.

Then blow up the mattress as much as possible until it reaches full firmness.

Once you notice it is firm enough, then you need to disconnect the dryer immediately and close the nozzle to prevent significant air loss.

While blowing up an air mattress with a hairdryer isn’t fast & efficient as a pump so you need to inflate the air mattress to the maximum capacity.

This will work fine in case of emergency if you do not find the pump then a hairdryer will do the work for blowing up your air mattress.

3. Use Garbage Bag to Inflate air mattress

Garbage Bag is another best option to blow up your air mattress if your pump is missing,

Yes, it sounds crazy but believe me, I am not kidding it is one of the best ways to inflate your air bed when you don’t have a pump.

Your First Step should be to get a strong garbage bag that needs to be large in size, then you need to fill this bag with air by swooping it through the air and creating a big bubble inside the bag.

Then quickly close the open end in your hand to prevent the air from escaping then connect the end of the bag to your air mattress’s valve.

And Hold extremely tight alternatively use your body weight for pushing the air into the valve.

Again repeat this process about 15 to 17 times until your air mattress gets fully inflated and firm enough to sleep on.

And after that, you need to make sure the valve is closed after round so air pushed inside can’t come outside. 

4. Use Leaf Blower to Inflate air mattress

How to Blow up an air mattress without Pump

If you want a combination of the power of a vacuum cleaner and the portability of a hairdryer then a leaf blower is the best and fastest way to blow up your air mattress.

Any household item that blows air that can be used to inflate your air mattress including a leaf blower, But I don’t know why you are carrying a leaf blower while you are camping,

But if you do have a leaf blower then it is the easiest way to blow an air mattress without a pump.

Since the leaf blower is so much larger than the valve of an air mattress, creating an adapter to channel the air into the bed is difficult.

If you are a DIYer then cut the larger plastic bottle in half or cut holes in them and place it into the top of the valve of your air mattress with the leaf blower on the side.

You need to make sure you start the leaf blower with the lowest setting, or you can easily damage your air mattress.

Most likely if you don’t have a leaf blower because you are on camp then try some other options, but if you are at home and you have the lead blower it is the best option you have to inflate the air mattress quickly.

5. Use Electric Pump to inflate air mattress

If you are camping or even in your home if you have a power source then an external electric pump is the best option for you to blow up an air mattress.

You need Campsites with electrical hook-ups that can provide power for your electric pump or you can use a generator to give power for an electric pump but they are so expensive.

So a regular electric pump is best to blow up an air mattress.

A regular electric pump is best for inflating air mattresses if you are at home but if this is not ideal when you are on camp.

This is the low-cost option for you if you want to blow up an air mattress without a pump.

6. Use Foot Pump to Inflate air mattress

Foot pumps are a very easy and quick way to blow up your air mattress because this method is so simple than any other trick or method.

You need to use your foot for pumping the air into the air mattress, just press down on the pump with your foot again and again. 

But this process to inflate the mattress will take time so you have to be patient while pumping the air into your air mattress.

But use this method only if you have a small air mattress. otherwise, you will be exhausted.

7. Use your Breath to Inflate air mattress

If all this fails, then you have remained one way to blow an air mattress is by your mouth, you need to make sure to clean the inlet first before putting your mouth on it.

But come on it’s not possible to blow up big thick-inch air mattresses by just breathing only it’s impossible, but if you have a small mattress and don’t have anyway then this way can work fine for a smaller mattress.

Blowing up an air mattress is very easy if your air mattress has just only a one-way valve.

If you blow air in a one-way value then air can’t come back out in the same way, because the one-way valve has a seal that opens only when air is coming from one side and closes when it is not.

Because of that if you stop blowing then the air is gonna back out so blowing through breath is going to be very difficult for you.

But one technique you can use to blow up an air mattress by breath is breathing in through the nose and breathing out from the mouth into the air mattress.

This way to blow up an air mattress is difficult and time-consuming and this should be your last way to blow up an air mattress.


Nothing is easy and fast than blowing up an air mattress with a built-in pump or by an external pump, because these pumps are more convenient and specially designed to blow up an air mattress.

But there are lots of situations come in your life so you can’t use the external pump or in-built pump whatever the reason is.

Like you may have suddenly a new guest come over or you lost the pump of your air mattress or just you are on camp and you forget to bring the pump.

 In these cases, you need to find alternative ways to blow up an air mattress without a pump.

These methods I told you in this article, are the most successful ways to blow an air mattress without a pump and are used by so many peoples.

But we recommend that you don’t make a habit of these ways, you just need to buy a new pump.

These methods are in case of emergency, no matter whichever method you use, just use your common sense or you can damage your air mattress.

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