How to Fold a Beautyrest Air Mattress?

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We all know that nothing is best than an air mattress for travel or camping because they are easy to carry and lightweight so we can carry air mattresses anywhere in the world. If you are searching for “How to Fold a Beautyrest Air Mattress”, then you are on the right article.

Beautyrest air mattress is a popular air mattress on amazon its height is 17 inches long, and that provides us more comfort while we sleep.

Air mattress is easy to inflate and deflate because they have a built-in pump that can inflate and deflate the mattress easily so you don’t have to hard work for inflating the mattress.

The mattress comes with a convenient airbag so you can store the mattress into the bag easily.

Mattresses are expensive and take a huge investment to buy a new mattress, if you are planning to go somewhere for camping or traveling then you need to fold your air mattress to carry easily anywhere around the world.

Or you just bought a new mattress and you just want to store an old mattress then again folding the mattress is very important.

How to fold a beautyrest air mattress?

Most of the air mattress comes with a built-in pump model so the Beautyrest air mattress also has a built-in pump.

Here are some steps to how to fold a Beautyrest mattress in 4 steps 

1. Deflate the beautyrest air mattress

How to fold a Beautyrest air mattress

You must have to deflate the air mattress properly before you start the process of folding a Beautyrest air mattress.

Find a Cord storage holder and plug the cord then turn the dial anticlockwise for deflating the mattress, and allow the motor to air out completely from the air mattress.

Once the mattress completely airs out then unplug the cord and store it in the cord storage holder.

After that, you need to start the folding process.

2. Start Folding a beautyrest air mattress

You need to turn the mattress over to the surface but you need to put the blue flocking surface is need to lay flat against the floor.

After facing the motor fold the mattress lengthwise so the right edge lines up with the edge of the cord storage.

Then fold the remaining portion in half and leave approximately 4 to 5 inches between the left and right edges of the air mattress. After that fold, the left side of the mattress left side again over the cord storage holder, and at this time the folded mattress is around 16 to 18 inches wide.

Make sure you need to fold and tight as possible.

From now fold the mattress from front to back twice in half and alternatively, you can roll the mattress from the back end up to the motor end.

3. Store the beautyrest air mattress in Carry Bag 

Now after the folding process of the Beautyrest air mattress is over then you can easily store the Beautyrest air mattress in your carry bag.

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