How To Return A Mattress To Amazon?

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Mattresses are the best investment for your comfortable life but they are also so expensive, and if they do not fully fill our requirements then it can be very disappointing.

Have you bought a new mattress on amazon that you don’t like at all and you are finding out how to return a mattress to amazon?

Then you are on the right article in this article I will tell you how to return a mattress to amazon step by step so stay tuned.

There are lots of mattress stores both offline and online, but Amazon is the biggest online store in the world as you already know.

Lots of people buy a mattress from amazon and when the mattress reaches their home then maybe there is some problem with the mattress or they just don’t like it at all.

Whatever the reason may be, but if you are not satisfied with your product then you can easily return that mattress to amazon.

If you have an unopened mattress then you can easily return to amazon but if you opened the mattress, used it and the mattress has been expanded then what? 

No worries, you can easily return the mattress within 30 days time period 

So let’s discuss in detail how to return a mattress to amazon easily and quickly.

How to Return Unopened mattress to amazon 

Amazon is very generous with its return policy and if you are not satisfied with the product then you can easily return your product to amazon.

If you bought a new mattress from amazon and if you got a different mattress or maybe you have ordered the wrong size then you can easily return a mattress to amazon under 30 Days.

You can either call their toll free number or start the return process on amazon’s website or app, that initiating the return of the product,

Amazon will contact you with their return team and they will tell you a pickup time or they will give the address of their pick-up center and then you can easily return your unopened mattress to amazon.

Then you will get a full refund amount from the seller within a few days. 

How to Return Used and Expanded Mattress to amazon 

Now if you have received the new mattress and in excitement, you opened the mattress and expanded the mattress, and then you realized it doesn’t fit your requirement.

Amazon doesn’t take back a mattress that is opened and expanded but they allow you to initiate the return process through its toll-free number or their website,

You have to give a reason why you are returning the mattress then they will start the returning process of the mattress.

Once the returning process has been started then they will contact you with their return team and they will schedule a time to pick the mattress.

Once the mattress is picked up you get a chance to donate a mattress or get a full refund.

Refunds are issued in full if you returned the mattress within 30 days of the time period but some refunds can be dependent upon the seller so you also need to contact the seller for more details.

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How to Return a mattress to amazon step by step

If you are intending to return a mattress to amazon then there are some procedures to follow step by step.

But it also depends upon the seller to seller, but the standard returning process is the same for all.

Here are some steps to follow to return a mattress to amazon.

1. Prepare a mattress for shipping

After purchasing a mattress, if you want to return the mattress to amazon then you need to prepare your mattress first to ship to Amazon.

Some mattress stays in their initial condition and some mattress expands it depending on how you opened the mattress after arrival.

Amazon return policy allows you to return the mattress in 30 days so you can claim the refund.

If you don’t know how to pack a mattress for shipping then check this video out.


2. Follow the Amazon’s return Policy

After the mattress has been packed, customers must check the return policy of their mattress from the seller of the mattress (you can find them on amazon).

In some cases, the seller’s team will arrive at your home for returning the mattress and in some cases, you have to ship the mattress to the seller.

3. Shipping Cost

Many sellers of mattress from amazon doesn’t want a returning fee however you need to confirm first does their any shipping costs?

If they do free shipping then check their return requirements, you can find additional information on printing shipping labels.

You can contact Amazon customer service, toll-free number, or over instant chats.

4. Know return period of the mattress

Before packing up your mattress or shipping the mattress, you need to first check your shipping period.

Ensure your return period for the mattress is valid or not.

While Amazon offers 30 days money-back guarantee but some sellers offer more than that like a 60 or 120 night trial period.

So you have to return the mattress in your returning period of the mattress.

5. Getting your Refund from amazon

If you are returning your mattress by yourselves, then you must pack the mattress in its original packaging with a print label provided on the mattress.

Sellers refund policy will tell you when you will get the refund and how you get your refund.

This refund duration can vary from seller to seller but on averagely a seller return your money in 3 to 5 business days

If a refund is taking more than the 5 days you can contact the Amazon support team at 1-866-216-1072 and tell them your problem 

6. How to receive your refund

  1. Open your amazon and log in to your account
  2. Now click on “your account” then go to “your orders”
  3. Now find your mattress from the order list 
  4. After finding your product click on “return or replace items” and then follow prompts
  5. Now your work is done here onwards its amazon’s job to arrange for the return and give your refund amount.

Amazon’s Return Policy For Mattress in 2022

Amazon will accept the return of the mattress for any given reason as long as you return the mattress in 30 to 100 days time period which can varies seller to seller.

Amazon will only take the mattress when it’s packed with a print label so you have to pack the mattress properly.

If your mattress is used and expanded then make sure you read the seller’s return policy.

A full-sized mattress is ineligible for the return as amazon can not take back any size between a full & king but however, amazon always refunds you for the inconvenience.

What to do if you can’t return your mattress to amazon

In many cases, it happens that you bought a new mattress from amazon and it does not fill your requirements then you want to return the mattress but if your mattress is damaged or whatever the reason is you can’t eligible to return the mattress.

So you have only two options remaining if you can’t return the mattress to amazon. The first one is to sell the mattress and the second option is to Donate the mattress.

Option 1: Sell the mattress

If Amazon is not taking your mattress back then you can sell the mattress, first way is to sell your mattress to another person if he or she wants to take it.

You can sell your mattress on eBay or Craigslist so easily.

If your mattress is in good condition then you can easily sell your mattress to anyone with a good price tag.

Opinion 2: Donate the mattress

If you don’t have the option to sell it or if you don’t have the time to sell the mattress by calling everyone then you can donate the mattress to people who need it most.

You can give your mattress to a poor family or a charity company because if the mattress is of no use to you then you can give it to those who need it most.


A mattress is a very important thing in our life because we spend most of the time on our mattress.

If you want to sleep comfortably then a mattress is the only best option for your comfortable sleep.

And mattresses are expensive but they are a good investment for your healthy sleep but if you got the wrong mattress online they returning the mattress step by step is very important.

So if you have any questions about how to return a mattress to amazon then you can ask them in the comment section.

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