Hampton And Rhodes Mattress Review 2022

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Finding the best mattress nowadays is a very hard task.

There are thousands of brands out there in the market they all are selling different mattresses so it’s very important to consider things before we buy the mattress.

And especially we need that types of reviews which come from the real persons who used the mattress.

But every person is different as their body type, weight, and shapes all are different some heavyweight people feel firm mattresses are too soft on the other hand people who have lightweight feel different on the same mattress.

Hampton And Rhodes are not well known like other mattress brands.

But this is one of few companies which offers great mattresses at affordable costs. 

The cost and style depend on which type of mattress you choose from this brand, one of their popular mattresses is Aruba’s hybrid mattress. 

This is an excellent hybrid mattress that comes with 7 layers of comfort and a cooling layer with a sale price of around 599$

The brand Hampton and Rhodes offers springs options and memory foam varieties but there is also some problem with their durability.

Hampton and rhodes mattress review 


  • Super soft bed for the comfortable and softer sleeping surface.
  • Made in the USA
  • Certi-PURE certified.
  • Provides you motion isolation for better sleep
  • Supports your body to sleep comfortably


  • Memory foam construction potentially releases VOCs

they tend to grow softer over time

Hampton and Rhodes offer so many types of mattresses so it’s likely they have that type of mattress which you are looking for, Whether it’s memory foam, innerspring, pillow top, or hybrid mattress you can find the models easily.

The hampton and rhodes brand offers Memory foam, innerspring, hybrid and pillow top mattress let’s check one by one.

Memory Foam –

The memory foam mattress is always popular at any time because of the comfort, support, and soft feel of the mattress.

Hampton and rhodes offers an 8-inch memory foam mattress which is called “cool get mattress”

The cool gel mattress is made from two layers, first layer means the top layer consists of a cool gel that helps you to maintain heat and neutralize the temperature of your body.

The second layer means the bottom layer is the base of the bed’s support.

Pillow Top-

Pillow top mattress line from hampton and rhodes is categorized into HR series going from HR 100 to HR 500, the increase in number after HR,  the greater the thickness or height of the mattress.

For example, HR 140 is 7 inches thick the HR 340 will be 10 inches.

This pillow top mattress gives support to your body because this mattress consists of pocketed springs, but you want to feel any springs while you sleep this is the best feature I love this mattress.

Hampton and Rhodes’s brands also have San Martin and Aruba, it has a polyfoam layer and cooling gel memory foam for comfortable sleep.

The mattress contains individually wrapped 768 pocketed coils that will support the mattress and your body.

Aruba is a luxury mattress that has 14 inches of thickness it has layers of gel memory foam and also has polyfoam in the comfort session. 

Innerspring and hybrid 

The Hampton and Rhodes have more innerspring and hybrid mattresses than any other type of mattress, the main example of their hybrid mattress is Trinidad.

The Trinidad mattress is 10.5 inches thick and the main feature of the mattress has two foam layers over a pocket spring setup.

The first layer means the soft upper layer provides good support for some people.

People who are heavy in weight feel springs when they sleep on other hybrid or innerspring mattresses but in this mattress the mattress has pillow top support.

Good & Bads of hampton and rhodes 

Main Title

The Good

  • Most of the mattresses are low priced 
  • Super lightweight
  • Break-in time is super fast
  • Super soft and comfortable

The Bad

  • Durability is low 
  • Noise potential 
  • Warranty is also less 

Buy Hampton and Rhodes mattress 

  • If you have low budget and you want the best mattress then Hampton & Rhodes Hr440 is great deal for you
  • If you want which gives you more support and comfort to your body when you sleep
  • If you want edge support because you like to sit on the edge of the bed
  • If you are suffering from any back pain 

Don’t buy Hampton and Rhodes mattress

  • If you want a durable mattress 
  • If you have restless partner or kids then choose another option because the mattress not have good quality of motion transfer.
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