Can bed bugs climb up air mattress?

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An infestation of bed bugs is a nightmare for any homeowner, 1 out of 5 Americans suffers from bed bug infestation.

So its really important question is that can bed bugs climb up air mattress or not? and if they do then what you can do to get rid of them.

And also they can get into your bedding and they are very hard to flush out, 

So the main question is here can bed bugs climb and live on your air mattress? 

The simplest and shortest answer is bed bugs can get into your air mattress, but they can not live in your air mattress but that doesn’t mean they can not live anywhere near it.

But if you want to know all detailed information about these tiny little creatures like how long they live in your air mattress, 

And if you want to get rid of these bed bugs from your air mattress then stay tuned.

Most of the people use air mattresses for camp, traveling, and in our home bedding, usually, campers use air mattresses because they don’t want to sleep on hard ground,

Bed bugs can’t live on air mattresses that don’t mean the problem is solved because bed bugs can live in your beddings and they can spread out to more parts of your house if you have nothing.

I will show you the best way to identify these bed bugs, how to get rid of them permanently and how should you prevent them for future issues.

How to check Bed Bugs in your bedding

How do bed bugs Look Like? 

Can bed bugs climb up air mattress

Before checking the bed bugs in your bedding you need to understand first how bed bugs look like so it’s important.

Bed bucks body length is 1 mm to 7 mm around 1 to 2 inch and they are in round shape and reddish-brown in color, they are usually tapered

Because of these, they are very hard to find and their sizes make infestations harder to deal with.

They feed and survive on blood, but they don’t have wings to fly but why it’s different from any other insects in the house is they have horizontal ridges on their bodies.

How to Find Bed Bugs in your Mattress?

Can bed bugs climb up air mattress

Bed bugs reproduce fast, adult one drops about 5 eggs per day these eggs are so tiny look like specs of salt. 

So we need to take them out quickly as soon as possible.

Bed bugs dig holes in your mattress and they wait inside of these holes and when the night comes they come outside and bite and they leave itchy spots and red marking on your skin.

If your mattress has bed bugs then it’s most probably you brought them from outside, you may have picked them from any hotel, office, or someone’s house.

They hop onto your clothes and they are transported back to your home and bedding.

Because if you are thinking they live on your air mattress then it’s not because the material of the air mattress is from puncture-proof materials to prevent deflation.

So they can’t live on the air mattress because they can’t dig holes in your air mattress.

But in regular mattresses, they can dig holes and live on the regular mattress because they are made of foam materials but not in the air mattress.

So if you are looking for bed books then you need to start with your clothes and bedsheets first, because these are the only place they can live.

How to eliminate & Prevent Bed bugs from your bedding

Getting rid of these tiny little creatures is hard because they are too small and they can be anywhere in your home because they can transport one place to another easily.

They can hide in your bedsheets, clothes, shoes, or pets and everywhere even in tiny little cracks, in short, they like to live close to humans and pets because they feed on blood.

When it comes to your bedding they can be in box springs, mattresses as well as folded areas, or your bedsheets.

Let’s check out some proven ways to get rid of these tiny bed bugs.

Call For Pest Control

how to find bed bugs in mattress

Once you detected you have bed bucks then you must call pest control do not try to save money, they have experienced so that they can remove the bed bucks efficiently.

Even if your house is not under attack by bed bugs, you don’t have to wait for bugs to attack put everything in place to prevent them and call the pest control services nearby your area.


Vacuuming up the mattress has lots of benefits but vacuuming up the bedding alone doesn’t kill bed bugs so you need to combine this strategy in combination with another.

We also noticed that all vacs are not efficient to kill bed bugs, 

If you don’t want to call pest control then you can get vac’s crevice tool which should feature a top-notch HEPA filter system.

And this is a necessary accessory for removing the bed bug’s clumps.

Clean your pets 

One of the host’s bed bugs lives in is your pets, bed bugs are fed on blood so that’s why they live nearby the pets or humans.

If you sleep with your pet then probably the bed bugs can be transported from your pet to your mattress, so cleaning your pet is also important for prevention.

You need to clean your pet outside of the house so bed bugs can leave your pet’s body and go outside if you don’t know how to wash your pet properly then click here.

Clean your mattress protector, sheets and your cloths.

If you use a mattress cover for your air bed then you need to also wash them because the bed bugs can’t live in your air mattress but,

They can live in your sheets and clothes so you need to check them properly and wash them with warm water.

Check here: How to wash your mattress cover and sheets properly.

You can also steam carpets and floors to eliminate bed bucks from your bedding.

Buy a Encased Mattress Cover

As I mentioned before encased mattress covers are specially designed for bed bugs, before you install your encasement you need to first remove and destroy as many eggs and bugs possible from your mattress.

So an encased mattress cover will also help to prevent the mattress from bed bugs.


Bed bugs are small tiny bugs which are feed on blood and they can also harm us while we sleep, bed bugs can climb up to your air mattress,

But they don’t love on your air mattress but they can live on your bedding like sheets and nearby your clothes so it’s important to eliminate and prevent the mattress from bed bugs.

If you find bed bugs nearby your bedding then it’s a smart choice to call pest control because they are experts in their fields.

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