6 Danger Of Urine In Mattress Cover [Latest Hacks]

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Worried about the danger of urine in mattress cover? If your kid or pet accidentally urinated on your mattress then what to do and what danger of urine in mattress cover?

The mattress is the most important thing in your bedroom and if your kid urinated on the mattress then how much danger of urine in mattress cover?

You can wash bed sheets, blankets, and other beddings but mattresses are different you can not wash them.

You have just finished cleaning and drying out the process of your mattress after the previous pee accident but now it happened again!

Accidents do happen no matter how careful we are.

Before we move on the how to clean urine from a mattress let’s find out about danger of urine in mattress cover.

6 Danger Of Urine In Mattress Cover

Whether the urine is from a pet or a child, the results can be very damaging to your mattress if you did not clean it immediately.

Urine can stain the mattress with a strong foul smell although there are some solutions for that.

We have done some research and found a few common effects of urine on the mattress and what is the danger of urine in mattress.

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1. Urination Attracts Bed Bugs

Can bed bugs climb up air mattress

Bed bugs are known as blood-sucking parasites, they reproduce themselves so fast and multiply their count so fast.

They feed on blood and can damage your mattress and furniture completely, once they entered into the mattress they lay their eggs, and it’s impossible for you to get rid of them.

So you need to dispose of your mattress.

From a scientific standpoint, these blood-sucking parasites are attracted to heat, human hormones, and carbon dioxide.

And because bed bugs can easily detect carbon dioxide which we breathe out while we sleep they bed bugs can exactly know where we sleep and then our body is going to host for them.

So urination can be dangerous for your mattress as well as you.

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2. Emits Strong Odor

Danger Of Urine In Mattress

Urine emits a strong smell and this can increase if you did not clean your mattress immediately.

Urine contains ammonia that’s why it results in a strong odor.

And constant exposure to ammonia can trigger allergies and respiratory problems.

Once the smell of urine sets into your mattress then it’s very difficult to remove it.

When your children or pet urinated on your mattress then it is unpleasant and a health concern and because it contains bacteria, it can create an environment for fungus to grow.

Ammonia from old urine can irritate the lungs or maybe trigger some respiratory problems.

And lots of studies show that ammonia can trigger asthma and respiratory allergies like COPD.

3. Affect On Warranty of the Mattress

Almost most mattress comes with a long warranty period, but the warranty does not include staining of the mattress due to any type of liquid like urine, vomit, and others.

If a Kid or pet urinated on the mattress and you did not clean it then the warranty could be void.

Urine stains don’t cause sagging of the mattress but can make foam mattresses deteriorate faster.

If your child is urinating every day then it could wear the foam of your mattress.

And during the warranty period, you should protect the mattress with a sheet for making sure urine does not go into the foam of your mattress.

So it’s better to take precautions now rather than be sorry later.

4. Sleep Issues 

Danger Of Pee In Mattress

Due to the bad smell coming from the mattress who can sleep comfortably? And the fungus can also spread into the mattress it can cause itching to the skin.

And all of these gonna disturb your sleep.

And disturbed sleep can again give rise to certain diseases and worsen your health further.

If you are already experiencing breathing issues then urination is going to easily upset your good night’s sleep.

If your children are prone to bedwetting then they can find themselves losing out on valuable sleep when their bed is damp and itchy which can lead to detrimental to growing brains.

5. Leads to Mold & Bacteria 

Danger Of Urine In Mattress

Damp conditions of your bed and bacteria on your mattress make a dirty bed and a breeding grounds for molds and mildew.

So if your kid or pet urinated on your mattress and if you don’t dry it then it can trigger mold build-up, and after this, you already know this can be very dangerous for your health.

If you ask any health experts then they can tell you that the mycotoxins produced by mold can easily lead to allergies and auto-immune conditions.

The symptoms can vary according to the level of exposure but the worst part is that they can enter the body through the skin and lungs.

Some molds can cause long-term varieties of lung conditions and respiratory problems.

6. Allergies

Dust mites attracted to urine and dust mines contains enzymes that triggers allegeries, and if dust particle live off on your bed then you can get asthma attacks.

so leaving urine on the matters is very dangerous than you think.

there also some side effects of having dust mites on your bed that are difficulty in breathing, tightness in the chest, redness around the eye, rritated and itchy eyes, sneezing and wheezing.

so you need to clean urine from your mattress as soon as possible.


How to Remove Fresh Urine from mattress

If you catch accident quickly then this session is for you but if the urine has already dried and created the urine stains then you can skip to next session.

Step 1: Throw All Your Bedding into Washing Machine

Strip your bed and put all your beddings like sheets, mattress covers, pillow cover or pillow into the washing machine as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Gather Every Supply

You will need White Vinegar, water, baking soda, a spray bottle, a vacuum and few towels for cleaning.

Step 3: Start absorbing moisture using towel

use a cleaning towel or any paper towel and then gently blot the moist area to soak up as much as possible but do not srub it or it will push urine further into the bed.

Step 4: Create a solution of Vinegar and spray to affected areas

take a half cup of water and half cup of distilled vinegar and put it into spray bottle and spray this solution into affected areas of your mattress.

Again blot the area with paper towels or cleaning towels.

Step 5: Sprinkle baking soda

cover the affected area with baking soda and let the baking soda sit in your mattress for at least 8 hours.

Step 6: Vaccum off

Now its time for Vacuuming off the baking soda from your mattress and inspect if there is any stains remains and if necessary repeat step 4 to 6 Again.

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How to Remove Dry Urine Stains from Mattress

If the Stain is already set before you start the cleaning process then you need a heavy solution for removing these types of stains, for this step you will need hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap.

Step 1: Create A Solution Using Hydrogen Peroxide

take 8 ounce of hydrogen peroxide, 3 table spoon of baking soda(45 Gram) and 2 to 5 drops of dish soap or any liquid detergent you can find.

Mix all of them into the spray bottle and now your solution is ready.

Step 2: Apply this solution on Affected areas of mattress

Spray the solution on the affected areas and allow the mixture to soak in. and wait for the mixture to dry.

Step 3: Sprinkle Baking Soda & Wait

Sprinkle some baking soda layers on the affected area and wait for few hours.

Step 4: Vaccum off the baking soda

after waiting for few hours you can vacuum off the baking soda from the mattress if the stains remains constant then repeat all the steps again.

How To Get Pee Smell Out of a Mattress

If you removed pee stains from your mattress but the smell of urine can linger for weeks then the question here is how you can get rid of the pee smell from the mattress?

As i said in previous sessions baking soda can really effective to removing the smell from the mattress because baking soda has basic pH it can actually neutralize the smell of the urine.

Things you will need

  • Baking soda
  • vacuum

Step 1: Sprinkle some baking sofa on the mattress.

Find the Affected area on your mattress that is smelling a lot then sprinkle some baking soda over it.

Step 2: Wait for a Few hours

You need to sit the baking soda over your mattress for at least 8 hours, so get ready to sleep on your couch.

And let sit the baking soda on your mattress overnight and see the magic.

Step 3: Vacuum it up

Once you waited for at least 8 hours then you can vacuum your mattress but remember vacuuming won’t lift the stain but it can remove remaining baking soda on your mattress.

If the urine smell is constant after all these steps then you can repeat all the steps again.

How to Prevent A Child from bed Wetting

Danger Of Urine In Mattress

The reason behind urine stains and odor is your child, you can’t clean your mattress daily if your child is wetting your bed regularly.

So if you want a permanent solution to this problem then prevent your mattress from your kid’s urine.

Bedwetting is a more common issue than we think, according to one of us report 15% of children wet their beds till the age of five.

And around 85% of children stop bedwetting after the age of 5-6.

1. Reduce your child’s intake of water in the evening

If you give your kid too much water in the evening then it causes urination of your child so if you decrease some amount of water intake of your child then it reduces the chances of urination.

2. Use Bathroom and Set an Alarm

You need to make sure your child goes to the bathroom before going to the bed, and wake your child up in the night and go to the bathroom.

As your child gets control of their bladder, the need to urinate at night will reduce.

3. Use Mattress Protector/Cover

Use a waterproof mattress cover, or waterproof padding to protect your mattress from urination of your child.

Mattress cover not only protects from urination & vomiting but also from dust and other types of dirt.

So make sure you use a mattress protector to protect your mattress from your kid’s pee.

4. Contact the Experts

If your child still wetting the bed regularly after going through all the steps then maybe you can consult the doctors and take some advice from them.


Children’s and pets can urinate on your bed as they learn how to control the bladder, it is also possible some adults can also pee on the mattress,

And mattress plays a major role in our good night’s sleep so it’s really important for us to take care of the mattress nicely.

Urination causes lots of dangerous problems & issues to the mattress so if you did not clean the mattress after urination then it can lead to lots of problems.

Urination can destroy your mattress completely if you did not pay attention.

So if your child or pet has a urination problem then consult the experts, this is the only permanent solution to this problem.

1. Can urine in mattress make you sick?

the answer is Yes, because urination attracts mold, bedbugs and bacteria can thrive in a urine-soaked mattress creating a home for the bacteria to live and breed

2. Can urine on Mattress Cause mold?

when your bed is accidentally urinated then you have to remove it as soon as you can because if you not then you are allowing the urine to settle into your mattress will not only result in mold but also leads to unpleasant aroma

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