Does Purple Mattress Have Fiberglass?

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If you have a purple mattress and wanted to know if does purple mattress has fiberglass or not? Is a purple mattress safe? Or does it have some harmful chemicals?

If you have any types of questions like this then don’t worry we got you covered.

Lots of people know nowadays that big mattress companies use fiberglass in their mattresses.

Because the manufacturers use fiberglass in mattresses to create a thermal barrier between fire and mattress to make them fireproof.

So if you have a question about purple mattress like does purple mattress have fiberglass? Then the short answer is Purple Mattress does not contain any fiberglass on its mattress. They are made with safe and natural material, with no harmful chemicals or toxins available in a purple mattress. 

They use high-quality polyurethane foam and a flame barrier is made from non-hazardous and green guard gold certified.

In this article we are going to discuss the construction of the purple mattress and why some mattresses have fiberglass and how to remove it.

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Why Fiberglass in Purple Mattress?

Does Purple Mattress Have Fiberglass?

As I said before lots of mattress manufacturers use fiberglass in their mattresses to make mattresses fireproof because fire can spread so fast on the mattress.

Most of the popular brands like Vibe, zinus, classic brands, amazon basics, and Ashley Furniture contains fiberglass in their mattress.

And 80% of mattresses on market do contain fiberglass inside the mattress.

But don’t worry Purple Mattress does not contain any fiberglass.

Is fiberglass safe?

No, it’s definitely not. But it’s safe as long as you don’t open the cover of the mattress.

But if fiberglass is released from your mattress then it becomes extremely harmful and dangerous and it can cause skin infections, throat pain, skin irritation, and breathing problems.

So fiberglass is definitely not safe in mattresses.

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How Purple Mattress Made? (Construction)

Purple mattress is made from organic and safe materials and they are so popular in the overall World.

The purple mattress has a Purple Grid layer on the comfort and support core that are both made from polyfoam.

Like any other memory foam mattresses, they do not use fiberglass or any other harmful chemical like formaldehyde, mercury, lead, or any heavy metals.

The material used to create purple mattresses is 100% Safe & tested and analyzed by different independent laboratories.

And it has CertiPUR-US Standards.

Which Material Purple Mattress uses instead of Fiberglass?

As I said before more than 80% of mattresses on the market use fiberglass to make their mattress fireproof but what’s in the case of purple mattresses?

Which materials they have used to make their mattress fireproof?

Then the answer is simple purple mattress uses a knit flame barrier instead of fiberglass.

And according to federal law, all mattresses need to be fire-resistant but instead of fiberglass purple uses knit flame because they do not want to compromise on their customer’s health.

Purple uses a knit flame barrier that is non-toxic and has natural flame fibers.

And their thermal barrier is also GREEN GOLD Certified.

Are Purple Mattresses Safe? or does the Purple Mattress have fiberglass?

Yes, they are 100% safe because the purple mattress does not contain any fiberglass or any chemical materials.

They are made with non-toxic food-contact grade and mineral oil-based materials.

Lots of memory foam, latex, and cotton mattress can cause allergies but the purple mattress has no side effects or causes any type of allergies.

But the opposite it helps sleepers to sleep more comfortable, supportive, and allergy free.

Purple goes under lots of different tests to make sure they are highly safe and become more comfortable.

And as I said before all mattresses have CERTIPUR- US Certification.

Purple mattress checks all its materials and tests to make sure they create the world’s safest and best mattress.

Are Purple mattresses toxic?

As I said before, the purple mattress does not contain any toxic materials or chemicals so they are non-toxic and free from any type of chemicals. The purple mattress is one of the best organic and safest mattresses in the world so they don’t compromise on their quality.

Does Purple Mattress contain formaldehyde?

The answer is No, they do not contain any formaldehyde as another memory foam mattress contains. Purple only uses polyurethane which is 100% safe and has a CertiPUR-US certificate.

Is Purple Mattress Safe for Babies?

If you have a purple kid mattress then it is specially designed for babies up to 14 years old, but if your baby is less than 3 years old then do not use the purple mattress for babies. You can use pack n play or crib mattresses for babies less than 3 years.

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Don’t worry Purple Mattress does not contains Fiberglass. Read Purple Mattress Full Review


If you are considering buying a purple mattress or already have one then you don’t have to be worried because they are 100% safe and do not contains any fiberglass.

The purple mattress is one of the safest and most comfortable mattresses in the world. The quality of material used to create the purple mattress is super safe and does not have any harmful chemicals.

Fiberglass can be dangerous to our health because it can cause a lot of serious diseases and skin infections so if your mattress has fiberglass then you need to get rid of fiberglass immediately.

But if you have a purple mattress then you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you have any questions regarding this article then you can ask them in the comment section below.

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