How to Make Crib Mattress Higher? (3 Easy steps)

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One of the best features of your baby’s crib is the ability for the crib mattress height to be adjusted. 

And plus having a baby sleep on an incline can supposedly help with everything from reflux, to colic, to common colds.

However many doctors and pediatricians still suggest a slightly inclined sleeping position when your baby is sleeping on a crib mattress.

There are lots of reasons why should you decrease or increase the height of the crib mattresses for the baby.

Good parenting can bring on a whole slew of decisions and specific considerations you never had to keep in mind before,

This includes your baby’s sleeping position, so it’s really important for you to know how to make crib mattress higher or lower.

What are the ins and outs of altering your baby’s crib height? And adjusting the crib mattress height safe?

And how to make crib mattress higher in simple and easy ways. so let’s discuss this topic in detail.

Crib Mattress Height (is it Safe to Adjust?)

Before we start, it’s really important to go over some of the safety considerations.

According to this US Study, lots of baby gets injured in crib mattress in many different ways.

The study found that over 180,000 children younger than the age of 2 (in the past 18 years) were treated for injuries related to cribs and bassinets.

So increasing or decreasing the height of the crib mattress is perfectly safe for your baby, if you adjust your crib mattress regularly then your baby can’t get injured by the crib.

So Adjusting the height of the crib mattress is absolutely safe and tested by thousands of people.

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Why Elevate the Crib Mattress?

When you first put together your baby’s Crib, you may not have set the height of the crib mattress with some intentions.

Once you brought the crib mattress home then you may notice that the height of the crib mattress was less than ideal.

There are lots of reasons why to Raise the Crib Mattress Height, if you want to know how to make crib mattress higher then you need to first know why to increase the height of the crib mattresses?

So let’s discuss one by one what are the reasons and benefits of increasing the height of crib mattresses.

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1. Baby Has Reflux 

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), is commonly and simply called Reflux, lots of babies suffer from GERD and can find it uncomfortable to sleep on their back,

Since laying down flat allows the acidic stomach fluids to move up toward their esophagus.

And once the stomach acids reach the esophagus, it may cause the baby a painful burning sensation.

It can also cause your baby to vomit, leaving you both with long nights and little sleep.

So in cases of Reflux, having your baby sleep in an inclined position can help to keep the stomach acid down in your baby’s stomach.

So it decreases the chances of Reflux disease and gives your baby a comfortable sleep.

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2. Gives More Mobility

Did you put your baby’s crib mattress at the lowest settings before even your baby was born, and not thought of how hard it may be to lay them into the crib safely? 

So if you put your crib mattress on low settings then if you want to lay down the baby inside then you are at risk of falling into a crib with your baby/

So moving your crib mattress higher in position can make a safe environment for both you and your baby.

3. Baby is Congested

Congestion or mucus buildup can be caused by cold or allergies and which can cause your baby to lose sleep and struggle to breathe at night.

So safely inclining the height of the crib mattress can help to relieve the pressure caused by mucus buildup,

And allow your baby to breathe and sleep better.

how to make crib mattress higher

how to make crib mattress higher

Now you know why should you increase the height of the crib mattress, and you already know that it is totally safe to increase the height of the crib mattress.

Step 1: Inspect the crib & mattress 

You have to check the baby’s crib, double-check the crib whether it is clean and ready to use with the mattress or not.

To ensure the comfort of your baby please make sure you use a breathable mattress.

After then remove the mattress to see if the support platform is enough to keep the mattress stays in place.

If the mattress is already in place then you can choose several options to start elevating the crib mattress.

Step 2: Elevate the Mattress

Using Pillow

You can put a pillow underneath the mattress to have it elevated, so consider a soft pillow placed under the head side of the crib mattress.

And then you have to examine the sides of the crib if it is securely covered with the bedding.

The middle part of the mattress should not sag, make sure the mattress stays in its position.

Using a blanket or a comforter

Another way to increase the height of a crib mattress is by using soft blankets or comforters.

You can fold them and place them underneath the head side of the crib mattress, making sure that the desired elevation is attained.

Also, evaluate if it would help ease the baby’s discomfort while sleeping.

Using Towels

Another effective way to increase the height of the crib mattress is to use towels to evaluate the crib mattress.

So roll the towels and place them underneath the head of the crib mattress and check if the elevation is offer comfort to the baby or not.

Using Books

You can use books on each head side of the mattress, phone books of the same size can also do the job.

But it’s very important that these objects are placed under the mattress not inside the crib with the baby.

Step 3: Adjust the Crib

If the options I presented above don’t work, then consider the idea of adjusting the crib itself, so measure the crib first, and make sure the adjustment is based upon the growing baby’s size.

For elevating the baby’s head, a couple of notches lower is recommended until a 30-degree angle is achieved.

One way is to remove the wheels at the bottom of the crib.

A solid support such as wood blocks must be placed underneath the legs below the head side of the crib.

So you just need to consider the height of the crib first, so increase the height to 5 to 6 inches. (you can adjust this height by your preference).

And after the height adjustment makes sure the crib mattress should suit the baby properly.

The elevation must be only a few inches utmost otherwise the crib will be unsafe for the baby.

And lastly, an important thing to remember check the crib frequency if it is secure and stable after the modification is done to avoid falls or accidents.


Elevating your crib mattress will be best for your baby, so if know how to make crib mattress higher then you can easily raise the mattress.

My personal advice to you is to ask doctors if they say okay to elevate the mattress then raise the crib mattress higher, take some advice from professionals.

I hope you know understood how to make crib mattress higher, if you have any questions regarding this article you can ask them in the comment section below.

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