When To Flip A Crib Mattress For a Baby?

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If you have a Two-stage crib mattress or planing to buy one then you may ask yourself when to flip a crib mattress for a baby ? what is the best time to do it?

A 2-Stage Crib mattress is a great choice for your growing baby, 

the crib mattress is usually designed with 3 layers. One is a soft, middle one and firmer one this three combination of layers makes a 2-stage crib mattress.

And the soft side of the crib mattress is called the toddler side and the firmer side is called the infant side.

Because of these two sides, you can adjust the crib mattress, but have you wondered when I should Flip a Mattress for Baby?

A newborn baby sleeps on the firmer side of the crib mattress but once the baby has grown and is old enough then we need to flip the mattress onto the softer side.

But when is the best time to flip the mattress? 

The shortest answer is you should flip a crib mattress when your baby is 1 year old because at that age baby would have developed stronger muscles and you can consider a toddler side.

However, each child is unique so you should make this decision based on the specific needs of the baby.

The rest of the article will explain to you which is the best time you should flip the mattress, why the mattress should be flipped, why the newborn needs to sleep on the firmer side and how to make your child happy and satisfied.

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When To Flip A Crib Mattress For a Baby?When To Flip A Crib Mattress For a Baby?

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When To Flip A Crib Mattress For a Baby?When To Flip A Crib Mattress For a Baby?

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What is 2-Stage Crib Mattress?

When To Flip A Crib Mattress for a baby

A 2-Stage crib mattress is, as the name says, a mattress put in a crib.

You can also call this mattress “dual firmness mattress” because this mattress has two sides, the first one is firmer and the second one is soft.

The firmer side of the mattress is called the infant side and the softer side is called a toddler.

The infant side is also called a baby side because a newborn sleeps on this side, the infant side is firmer and flat while the toddler side is a tad less firm and cushioned.

Identifying these sides is so easy because this mattress comes with a tag that lets you know which side is the only one you need.

If your baby is a newborn then it’s very important to put the baby on the firmer side of the mattress because this will support your baby’s spine and bones.

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Types of 2-Stage Crib Mattress

there are main two types of 2-stage crib mattresses available in market

  • 1) innerspring crib mattress
  • 2) foam crib mattress

1. Innerspring crib mattress

the innerspring crib mattress contains coils which are made of heat-tempered steel, and the main best amazing feature of these coils are they can return to their original form quickly after being out of shape.

if you want a durable crib mattress then this is the best option because the steel coils are very durable.

the innerspring coil mattresses have weight around 10 to 20 pounds depending upon cushion and innercore.

2. Foam Crib Mattress

If you want a foam mattress or your baby loves to sleep on soft foam mattress then High-density polyurethane foam crib mattress would be the best choice.

For two-stage mattresses, the todler side is made with memory foam or gel which are very soft materials.

Why To Flip Crib Mattress for toddler?

As I mentioned above the new baby must need to sleep on the firmer side(infant side) of the mattress while the toddler side has a soft side of the mattress.

A newborn baby can’t move its own so we need to put our baby on the infant side.

However the baby is grown more than 12 months so they can move on their own, and the baby becomes uncomfortable with the infant side because it becomes too firm for the baby with time.

If your baby is starting waking up frequently while sleeping on the firmer mattress then it’s a sign you need to flip your crib mattress to on toddler one.

Another reason is the transition from crib to mattress is so easy once the baby starts moving around her own crib then it’s time to move her to the soft side of the mattress.

But the transition from crib to a mattress is going to make a big change for your baby and your baby is going to feel uncomfortable while sleeping.

So let the toddler sleep on the softer side so your baby is going to move comfortably.

When To Flip A Crib Mattress for a baby? (when do you flip a baby mattress)

In this case, flipping means switching the mattress from the infant side ( firmer side) to the toddler side( soft side) of the crib mattress.

You need to flip your crib mattress when your baby becomes more than 12 months old, every baby is different depending upon their size, weight, health, and behavior if you are predicting that your baby is growing fast,

Then you can change your crib mattress sooner.

Advantages of Using 2-Stage Crib Mattress?

When you are trying to expand your family then it is so important to think on a long-term basis.

Coming to the point the biggest advantage of using a crib mattress is convenience because you don’t need to go to a store to buy a second new mattress for your baby.

Because if you need a softer mattress for your baby when the baby has grown old then you don’t have to buy a new softer mattress, you can just flip your crib mattress to toddler.

You just need to flip the crib mattress at the right time.

The second advantage of using a 2-Stage crib mattress is money because you don’t have to spend money to buy a soft mattress for your baby. 

You can just flip the crib mattress when your baby has grown enough.

But you need to also have in your mind that crib mattress is also not cheap, but the quality of this mattress is very high.

The manufacturer of the crib mattress assures that you will get a long-lasting quality.

Why place a newborn on the firmer side of the mattress?

The firmness of the mattress is so important for your baby because it provides the necessary amount of resistance so that the baby’s muscles and bones can develop fast when they move on them.

The mattress has poor edge support or it’s too soft for a baby then the baby can get stuck between the bedrails and the chances of injury is high.

That is why you need to put your baby on the right side of the mattress.

You need to place your baby on the firmer side of the mattress and on a flat surface without any additional things like blankets because your baby can get suffocated on them.

If you think your baby wants a pillow or blankets, then first consult your doctor and make sure it is safe for your baby.

If you do not put your baby on the firmer side of the mattress then your baby can get suffocated or SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) on the soft side of the mattress and it is known as crib death.

And they are babies who are less than 12 months old, so if your baby is a newborn then you must not put your baby on the soft side of the mattress.

So in order to lower the risk of SIDS, make sure to place the baby on its back to its sleep on a firmer mattress and no do not overheat your baby and have it sleep in a  bassinet or a crib.

What features to look for in Crib Mattress

If you don’t have a crib mattress and you are planning to buy a 2-stage crib mattress for your baby then it’s a great choice.

You don’t have to spend on two mattresses for your baby because the crib mattress comes with both firmer and softer.

If you are looking for a new crib mattress then there are some things to consider before buying a 2-stage crib mattress.

1. Choose Type

The first thing you should look for in a new crib mattress is its firmness, you need to choose that type of crib mattress that has more firmness on the infant side of the mattress.

The firmer the side of the infant, the better for your baby. Because if your infant side is less firm then your baby can suffocate in the mattress.

2. Material of Crib Mattress

The second thing you need to consider is the material of the crib mattress, as we all know the mattress is a combination of lots of materials but you need to choose a crib mattress with non-toxic materials.

You can find types like foam or innerspring but you choose whatever you want for your baby there no right or wrong.

3. Size of Crib Mattress

The third thing you need to consider before buying a crib mattress for your baby is the size of the crib mattress.

Select the mattress which will suit your crib so check the size of your crib and then choose the mattress size accordingly.

4. Price of Crib Mattress

The fourth thing you can consider is its price, an average price of crib mattresses is from 90$ to 210$ which doesn’t mean there is no expensive crib mattress you can also find a crib mattress for around 400$.

Before checking the price and all first research deep on your crib mattress and ensure the material is good.


If you are using two side crib mattress then it’s recommended to flip your mattress when your baby is grown to more than 1 year.

Before that you need to put your baby on the infant side means the firmer side of the mattress after if your baby is grown to more than 12 months then you must need to flip your mattress to the toddler side ( soft side) of the mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can babies use a softer mattress?

Babies can use softer mattress side if they become at least 12 months old and has better motor control.

Can a 1 year old sleep on memory foam mattress?

No, its not safe for your 1 year old baby to sleep on memory foam mattress because it can suffocate your baby, always use crib mattress’s firm side when the baby is smaller than 1 year and if your baby is bigger than 1 year then you can flip your crib mattress to the softer side.

Why do babies need a hard mattress?

if your baby is smaller than 12 months then during sleeping periods of your baby needs a flat, firm and even surface to minimize the risk of suffocation for your baby and maximize the growth of your baby. they need firm surface to provide the resistance as they begin to push up, turn and stand up in the crib

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