How to Keep Air Mattress From Sliding?

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Tell me honestly, how many times do you wake up in the middle of the night because your mattress slipped to one side of the bed?

When you sleep on your air mattress, have you felt any sensation about your bed is moving while everything is still? This is happening because your mattress is sliding.

Almost every air mattress has this problem when someone changes position then the mattress starts to slip from its place.

And this feels very annoying when the bed is moving or sliding.

So this is why we are discussing the topic “how to keep air mattress from sliding”.

Why your mattress is sliding? because it’s of leakage from the torn seam and there are lots of things to know to prevent your mattress from sliding.

But the best way to keep air mattress from sliding is to put rubber pads or non-slippery pads between the frame surface and the mattress, this is the very effective and affordable way to keep your air mattress from sliding.

if you want to learn more ways on how to keep air mattress from sliding then keep reading!

So let’s discuss 5 efficient methods on how to keep air mattress from sliding.

But before discussing the solution you need to know why your air mattress slides off? you need to find the cause first, to find the best possible way to keep air mattress from sliding

Why Does My Air Mattress Keep Sliding? (5 Reasons)

Why your air mattress is constantly sliding from the bed base, there should be lots of reasons why your air mattress is sliding.

And once you know the cause of the problem then you can easily find the solution, your air mattress could be sliding because of the following reason.

1. Air Mattress have slippery surface

most of the traditional air mattress are made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or rubber surface, and such types of surfaces are typically slippery so it can lead to sliding.

2. Lack of Friction 

As we know if there is a lack of friction between the mattress and the bed surface then it can lead to the sliding issue of the mattress.

And lack of frictions can be due to lots of different reasons.

3. Wrong Bed Frame

If your bed frame is bigger than your mattress then your mattress is going to slide, the same will happen when your bed frame is smaller than your mattress size.

A gap of an inch from the bed frame and the mattress can also lead your mattress to unstable,

But remember whenever you buy a new mattress or bed frame you need to make sure there is no space between the edges of the mattress.

4. Bed Legs & Mattress cover

Another common issue why your mattress slides off is because of the Legs of your air mattress.

If they are not properly attached to your bed frame then they are going to offer very little support to your mattress.

If your leg of the mattress doesn’t have a grip on the floor then they could move to cause the mattress to slide.

And the second thing that can cause your mattress to slide is Mattress protectors/covers.

The material of the mattress have limited friction properties this can happen in cases of memory foam and latex mattresses because mattress lined with polyester and cotton will slide off if it is not fixed in one place.

5. Dirt on Mattress

As the mattress gets older it accumulates dirt and bacterias and the surface collects the dirt makes the bottom of the mattress surface slightly harder.

So washing mattress often is also important and you need to must use a mattress cover and wash the mattress cover/ protector regularly 

How to keep air mattress from sliding (6 Ways)

1. Rubber Pad or Non-Slip Pads 

How to Keep Air Mattress From Sliding?How to Keep Air Mattress From Sliding?

The most obvious and easy way to prevent your mattress, using a rubber pad or nonslip pads to stop from sliding.

Rubber pads and nonslip pads are the most affordable and cheap options to stable your air bed at night, 

Using a non-slip pad or rubber pads between the frame surface and the mattress is an effective option to keep an air mattress from sliding.

You can easily find a specific rubber pad or non-slip pad that will match your air mattress’s size.

Make your air bed more comfortable by investing around 10 to 15 dollars on these pads, so just raise your airbed and put the pads under it.

So your complete set of a comfortable air bed is ready.

2. Raise Your Air mattress

How to Keep Air Mattress From Sliding?How to Keep Air Mattress From Sliding?

If getting rubber pads is not option then you can raise your air mattress off the ground and this will also solve the problem of sliding a mattress riser can do the job by raising your air mattress off the ground and hold the mattress in place.

but check the dimension of your bed frame and your mattress before raising your air mattress.

If you want to know in detail then

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3. Sheet straps 

How to Keep Air Mattress From Sliding?How to Keep Air Mattress From Sliding?

Another product that will keep your airbed from sliding off is sheet straps,

You need to also remember the air mattress is not always the culprit why it slips from its position because one may be the reason that poorly fitting sheets can also get it out of place.

So you also need a set of sheet holder straps according to the size of your airbed, if you are a sleeper who moves a lot while sleeping then you need to add this accessory for your comfortable sleep and to prevent from sliding.

If you have an air mattress or any other mattress the sheets should always be in place to protect the mattress.

4. Anti Slip Tape 

How to Keep Air Mattress From Sliding?How to Keep Air Mattress From Sliding?

Another smart and cheapest option you have for preventing an air mattress from sliding is Anti-Slip Tapes.

You can use a quality anti-slip tape on the surface of the bed frame and you can see the magic.

These anti-slip tapes are way better than regular duct tapes and they are specially made for sliding  issues,

And if you want to remove the tapes after use then it will not damage the surface of your air bed but cheap anti-slip tapes can leave marks after removing.

So choose carefully and invest in a better one you can easily find the best anti-slip tapes on amazon.

5. Clean Your Mattress

Regularly cleaning the mattress can also improve your mattress performance and it is also essential for sleep hygiene.

So make sure you vacuum your air mattress from both sides to keep it dust-free.

If you use a bed frame and box spring, then they accumulate dust, dirt, and other bacterias and that reduces the friction but it leads to sliding.

Also vacuuming up the mattress does not fully stop the mattress from sliding but it makes your air bed more comfortable.

6. Buy New Mattress

All tricks I mentioned above are the proven methods to keep your air mattress from sliding.

If you used all tricks and tried everything then it’s a sign that you need to change your mattress, age is the crucial factor that affects all things.

If your mattress is old then most probably the base of the mattress has been loses its ability to grip the floor properly.

So replacing a new mattress with an older one is the best way you can do. You can store your old mattress and a get new one.

Mattress is a good investment and they have a very good lifespan so invest in a new mattress.

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What can I put under my air mattress to keep it from sliding?

You can put rubber pads or non-slip pads under your air mattress that will stop sliding of your air mattress, if you have a bed frame then this is the best way you can stop the sliding problem because rubber pads or non-slip pads made with slip-resistant PVC foam surface that increases friction and holds the mattress in place.

What can I put under my air mattress?

Foam pads or sleeping bags can be used inside or outside of your home to create a barrier between the air mattress and the ground, If you choose high quality sleeping bag that is of same size or the bigger size than your air mattress then air mattress can cover entire area underneath the mattress.

How do you get an air mattress to stay in place?

there are lots of different ways to get an air mattress to stay in place, and these are the proven techniques to stay air mattress in one place.

  1. Use Rough Carpet
  2. Rubber Pad or Non-Slip Pads 
  3. Sheet straps
  4. Anti Slip Tape
  5. Place your mattress in the room’s corner
  6. clean your mattress
  7. buy a new mattress.


If you are waking up while you sleep because your bed is moving too much then you need to solve your problem immediately.

Because we deserve to get quality sleep after working all day along.

I hope you like my article on how to keep air mattresses from sliding If you have any question regarding this article you can ask them in the comment.

1. Why am I so cold sleeping on an air mattress?

there is a simple logic of this question, the air mattress that you are sleeping on is full of air and when air comes in contact with your body then it starts getting hotter while it absorbs all heat from your body

2. Can you use fitted sheets on an air mattress?

Yes, you can use normal fitted sheets on your air mattress but its always recommended to use flat sheets on your air mattress because they do not affect pressure within the mattress air cells like fitted sheets do

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