How to Make An Air Mattress Quieter?

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We all know that air mattresses are best whether you are on camp or in your home, they are easy to carry, lightweight, affordable, and very comfortable.

Using an air mattress has lots of benefits but also has some issues while we sleep on that air mattresses.

And the main frustrating part of air mattresses is they make lots of noise while we sleep on them, so it is very irritating and disturbing.

How to make an air mattress quieter, the short answer is to use a topper that can muffle the sound which comes from your air mattress, you can also use carpet or bedsheet to place between the floor and the bed.

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And this will reduce the irritating sound produced by vinyl/rubber material rubbing against the floor’s surface.

Let’s discuss how to make an air mattress quieter with lots of different tricks.

We will first discuss why the air mattress makes noise, so make sure to read this guide to the end so you can solve your problem and make your mattress more comfortable to sleep on.

Why do Air Mattresses make so much Noise?

Air mattresses can cause very squeaky noises with time and overuse, when air mattresses have potential leaks then it’s very uncomfortable to sleep on them with irritating noises.

Lots of air mattresses make noises due to having air bubbles in them but the majority of them cause noise because due to friction resulting from rubbing the mattress on the floor.

Or there are lots of reasons that air mattress causes noise so we need to check what are the main reason that is making your air mattress so noisy.

1. Frictions

One of the common reason air mattresses makes so much noise is because of the friction, air mattresses are made from PVC that can directly come into contact with the floor, and whenever it slides, 

Then the air bed makes so much irritating and annoying sounds.

Using a cover or placing carpet between the floor and mattress reduces friction and eliminates all noise that comes because of friction.

2. Leak in the mattress

how to make an air mattress quieter

Over the years, air mattresses get leaked and some leaks can cause hissing or squeaking sounds.

So therefore it is also one of the main reasons your mattress is making noise.

You need to find out holes in the air mattress and patch them so you can get rid of squeaking sounds.

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3. Air Bubble 

how to make an air mattress quieter

We already discussed in the previous point that with time an air mattress gets leaked, that holes are very common in air mattresses, and that can cause air bubbles in your bed.

And these air bubbles can cause popping sounds which are very intense and irritating, and that will make your bed more uncomfortable.

4. Age of the Mattress

As we all know, Age is a crucial factor that can affect everything.

Overuse of air mattresses can cause lots of problems in the long term, if your mattress is too old then it causes problems like air bubbles, leaks, and overnight sinking also lots more problems.

Some issues can be solved easily but some can’t,

So buying a new mattress is also a good investment for healthy sleep.

5. Improper Use 

If you do not use the mattress properly then you can ruin your mattress, we often forget to deflate the air mattress after every use, exceed more than its weight limit, inflate more than its capacity, and never clean the mattress.

These types of mistakes can easily damage your air mattress.

And that will shorten the lifespan of the air mattress.

5 Tricks on How to Make An Air Mattress Quieter

Is there any way or tricks to stop the squeaky & quacking sound and make your bed more comfortable than before so you do sleep comfortably?

Yes, of course, there are many ways & tricks to make an air mattress quieter.

Who doesn’t want to get a quality and comfortable sleep? Everybody wants to sleep on a comfortable, reliable, and supportive bed.

Here are some tricks on how to make an air mattress quieter.

1. Using a Topper 

You can make your air mattress more quieter and comfortable by using a mattress topper, topper can muffle the sounds of bed’s vinyl or rubber material.

If you use the topper on your bed then it can give you a traditional elegant bed look and also help to get rid of squeaky sounds.

And if you are wondering which toppers will provide your mattress more cushioning and help to make your mattress quieter Quilted pads and foam egg crates.

These two are amazing mattress toppers that will provide you with amazing features.

Using a topper is one of the best affordable ways to make your bed quieter and can increase the quality of your bed.

So you or your guest won’t be get disturbed while sleeping because of some squeaky sounds when any movement occurs, so you sleep comfortably.

If you are buying a new mattress then get a mattress with a mattress topper.

2. Using Cover

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I have seen lots of people who don’t use mattress covers or protectors and it is a big mistake people make.

The mattress cover is one of the most important accessories that make your mattress more comfortable and protect you from hard-to-clean food stains, vomiting, and aggressive pets.

Using a mattress protector/cover will increase the lifespan of the mattress.

There are many affordable mattress covers available on the market which will not only protects the market but also make your mattress much quieter.

You can buy any decent mattress cover from 30$ to 40$ online or in any outside offline store.

Investing in a gel topper also can be the best option for you, there are lots of ways to make your air bed quieter but believe me, spending 100$ on making your bed quieter is not a good idea,

So why do you want to spend more if you can have a mattress topper for just 30 bucks?

3. Use Carpet, Mug, Rug, or Underneath 

Covering the mattress from the surface only makes it quieter from above but what about the bottom? Don’t worry we will give you a solution for that too.

Lots of air mattresses are made from rubber or vinyl material, and these can make weird sounds when placed on the hardwood floor.

Using a carpet, mug, rug or underneath can eliminate the funny sounds that disturb your sleep.

Most people have a sliding problem on the bed if they are sleeping on an air mattress, the carpet or underneath can also solve the problem of sliding.

4. Use a mattress stand, Cot, or Boxspring 

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Besides carpet and underneath, you can also use a cot, mattress stand, or box spring that not only places your bed in a steady position but also prevents squeaky noise.

By elevating your mattress you can keep vinyl or rubber materials having contact with the floor and if the bottom of the mattress is not having contact with the floor then there is no question of squeaky noises.

The mattress stand can elevate your bed by 12-14 inches moreover you can get in and out of the bed easily and fastly.

Adding more height can maintain temperature by keeping cold ground away.

If you are buying a mattress stand then you have two options wood and metal, I will suggest you buy a metal stand for your mattress.

5. Look For a New Mattress

If the above tips can’t help you then it’s time to replace your mattress, if your mattress is too old then no matter which method you use that can’t be useful.

There is a certain time for using a mattress, after that, you just need to invest in a new mattress.

And if you are looking to buy a new mattress then look for your blow-up bed needs to have a flocked top layer that will prevent squeaky sounds.

And second, look for a mattress with a sure-grip technology feature to grip the floor better in every condition.

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6. Make An Air Mattress Quieter (DIY Hacks)

How to Make Air Mattress Less Noisy?

If your air mattresses make so much noise then you have to make your air mattress more comfortable so you can sleep on the mattress normally.

so the first step in making your air mattress is to make sure you inflate your air mattress properly because your sleep experience is directly connected to the amount of air in your air mattress.

the second step is to add a mattress topper to your air mattress, if your air bed is too cold or too hard then adding a mattress topper can be best for your air bed.

Memory foam will be an excellent option because these foam toppers are soft but you need to decide how much firmer or softer you should want.

the third step is to use fitted sheets, bed covers and blankets, because air mattresses can heat up and cool down fast Using proper sheets or blankets separates you and your air mattress and keeps you warm and comfortable

if you want to know 10 different ways to make air mattress more comfortable then check this article.

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Making an air mattress quieter is not a difficult task, by using the above tricks you can make your bed more comfortable and quieter.

I hope I solved your problem by making your bed noise-free and comfortable for sleep.

You need to find the cause of the problem why our bed is making squeaky noises after you can easily find your solution.

If you have any questions regarding this article on “How to Make An Air Mattress Quieter” then you can ask them in the comment section.


Why does my air mattress make noise when I move?

There can be small holes in your air mattress which can cause air bubbles also your air mattress got aged, friction, and leaks there are lots of reasons why your air mattress makes noises. so as soon as you noticed this you have to make your air mattress quieter and more comfortable.

What happens if you overinflate an air mattress?

If you overinflate your air mattress then it can cause excessive stress on the air mattress which can result in lots of problems like leaks or make air bubbles so fill your air mattress for about 90% of its capacity and don’t overfill it otherwise your air mattress can become rupture.

Is it OK to sleep on an air mattress every night?

Air mattresses are best for traveling, camping, or for unexpected guests who come over, but only sleeping on a normal air mattress daily can become very uncomfortable if you make your air mattress comfortable then you can sleep on your air mattress every night without worrying about it anything.

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